In a story out of Surrey, England February 6th, an angry headteacher is suing "gutless" education honchos for 100,000 pounds because they failed to support her against Muslim school bullies. The bullies were not children in the school yard, but a group of Muslim governors, appointed in 2003, that plaintiff Erica Connor claims took control of regular board meetings and pushed for a more religious agenda, including pressure on her to link up with the local mosque in order to focus on Muslim worship. When she resisted, she was labelled "racist and Islamophobic." Rather than support her, her superiors branded her as "unresponsive to the needs of the faith community." Connor says she is so depressed at having been made a "helpless scapegoat," she may never work again.

Sadly, what seems to be a hijacking of a supposedly secular public school system by religious extremists has become a commonplace in Britain and Europe. The all too common response to the arrogance and aggression of Muslim exceptionalism in public institutions, most consequentially in schools, has been appeasement, and a disgraceful acquiescence to the kind of scapegoatism this teacher alleges.

Most Canadians probably believe that sort of thing can't happen here. And yet when I read this story, I was immediately reminded, with something of a chill, of an eerily similar narrative I had read concerning a school in our nation's capital. The details were different, but the basic problem - school officials backing down in the face of Muslim aggression against a teacher, and a subsequent acquiescence in the teacher's victimization in order to avoid confrontation with religious expansionism - were the same.

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