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Democratic Party leaders, far too weak to resolve the Clinton-Obama primary death match, have an even more basic fear. If they lose control of their carefully choreographed media event-cum-convention, Americans will see them for what they really are: a party that is comprised of grievance groups that is far outside mainstream American politics.

The veil was lifted briefly at the 2000 Democrat national convention. All semblance of control was totally lost when gay, lesbian and transsexual delegates hooted and jeered six Boy Scouts who briefly took the stage. The lesson learned was applied diligently in 2004 when the Democrats -- even hyperliberal California Senator Barbara Boxer -- paraded their admiration for the military constantly, interrupted only when openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank took the microphone.

Throughout the 2004 coronation of John "Reporting for Duty" Kerry, the media played along, relentlessly ignoring the rants of so many of the fringe groups that comprise the Democrats' core constituencies. Even the crowd -- represented by corpulent Michael Moore, sitting in a place of honor next to former President Jimmy Carter -- were otherwise kept off camera.

This year, the Democratic leadership fears the riotous atmosphere of Chicago '68 threatened by radical groups such as "Recreate ‘68" that plan to disrupt the convention from the outside. But as much as they worry about what happens outside the Denver convention hall, demonstrations by pressure groups inside should worry them as much as floor fights over delegate seating threatened by Hillary Clinton last week.

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