• November 25, 1994|Daniel PipesJewish Exponent

    Syria's people may not want peace

    As the possibility of an agreement between Damascus and Jerusalem appears more likely, the question arises, what do Syrians think about their two-generation conflict with Israel? No reply can be given with confidence, it being next to impossible to

  • October 30, 1994|Daniel PipesBoston Globe

    Clinton in Syria

    The score in the Arab-Israeli peace progress is now two down, one on the way and one to go. In other words, the Egyptians signed a peace treaty with Israel 15 years ago and the Jordanians followed suit last week. Some of the Palestinians have...

  • September 30, 1994|Daniel PipesThe Jewish Times

    The Second Battle For Algiers

    With the decline of Marxism-Leninism, fundamentalist Islam is now the world's leading anti-American ideology. To be sure, the fundamentalists lack some strengths the communists enjoyed. In particular, they don't have ballistic missiles and their...

  • September 03, 1994|Daniel PipesJerusalem Post

    Assad: As good as his word

    Hafez Assad has such a good reputation for keeping his promises, even Uri Saguy, head of IDF Intelligence, has asserted that "if and when he signs an agreement, [Assad] will keep his word." Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concurred: "With the...

  • September 01, 1994|Daniel PipesThe Northern Centinel

    Identifying Friend and Enemy In the Complex Islamic World

    Some experts theorize that ideological divisions of the past are gone and that major future conflicts will be between civilizations, Western, Confucian, Islamic. I disagree: Ideological divisions continue and the key question is not how or to whom...

  • September 01, 1994|Eliezer TauberMiddle East Quarterly

    The Emergence of the Arab Movements

  • September 01, 1994|Robert SatloffMiddle East Quarterly

    From Abdullah to Hussein: Jordan in Transition

  • September 01, 1994|Ehsan NaraghiMiddle East Quarterly

    From Palace to Prison: Inside the Iranian Revolution

  • September 01, 1994|F. E. PetersMiddle East Quarterly

    The Hajj: The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places

  • September 01, 1994|Richard W. BullietMiddle East Quarterly

    Islam: The View from the Edge

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