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  • April 11, 2018|Shmuel Sandler and Gregg RomanMEF Wire

    Making Sense of Israel’s Political Upheaval: Two Perspectives

  • August 16, 2012|Shmuel Sandler and Efraim InbarBESA Center Perspectives Paper

    The Fading Left and Israel's Flourishing Democracy

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Many of Israel's detractors on the left argue that Israel's democracy is in a state of decline. A closer look shows that Israeli democracy is thriving. A gradual decentralization of power since Likud's rise to the top in 1977...

  • March 01, 2001|Efraim Inbar and Shmuel SandlerMiddle East Quarterly

    The Importance of Cyprus

  • January 01, 0001|Efraim Inbar, Barry Rubin and Shmuel SandlerMEF Wire

    Pessimism and Optimism in Israel

    At a recent panel discussion at the Middle East Forum, three experts from the Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center at Bar-Ilan University -- one of Israel's leading think tanks dealing with strategic issues -- analyzed their country's current situation...