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  • January 28, 2017|Aaron Eitan MeyerNewsday

    The Limbo of the Israel Embassy Controversy

  • August 01, 2009|Aaron Eitan MeyerCovenant

    The Zionism of Orde Wingate

    While it may seem strange to suppose that the year 1936 was in any way beneficial to the Jewish people, considering the state of affairs in Nazi Germany, and the dawning of the Arab Revolt in the British Mandate of Palestine, that year did also bring

  • May 19, 2009|Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan MeyerWashington Times

    'Lawfare' gains ground

    The United Nations recently passed resolutions that would make "defaming" Islam a globally criminal act. The United Kingdom first refused entry to Geert Wilders, a sitting European Parliament member and Islamist critic, and now has issued a list...

  • April 29, 2009|Brooke M. Goldstein e Aaron Eitan MeyerCenter for Security Policy

    Come l'arte di legiferare islamista attacca la Libertà d'Espressione

    Gli autori americani che scrivono del Terrorismo e delle sue Fonti finanziarie sono al sicuro? I Consiglieri anti-Terrorismo della Polizia di New York sono al sicuro? Sono i Congressisti americani al sicuro quando riportano di Gruppi terroristici...

  • April 29, 2009|Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan MeyerCenter for Security Policy

    How Islamist Lawfare tactics target free speech

    Are American authors who write about terrorism and its sources of financing safe? Are counter-terrorist advisors to the New York City Police department safe? Are U.S. congressmen safe when they report terrorist front groups to the FBI and CIA? Are

  • January 22, 2009|Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan MeyerAmerican Spectator

    Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands

    On Wednesday, freedom of speech in Europe took a new and devastating turn, as a Dutch appellate court ordered the prosecution of Geert Wilders, parliamentarian and filmmaker, charging him with "inciting hatred and discrimination" against Muslims...

  • April 14, 2008|Aaron Eitan Meyer

    Conference on Libel Tourism Highlights Importance of Speech, Freedom

    On Thursday April 10th 2008, the Foundation for The Defense of Democracies and The New Criterion jointly presented a conference entitled "Free Speech in an Age of Jihad: Libel Tourism, "Hate Speech," and Political Freedom." The program consisted...