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Title Publication Author Date
CUNY's Curious Defense of Linda Sarsour The New English Review A.J. Caschetta June 1, 2017
Turkey Arrests Kurdish Activist for Armenian Genocide Posts The Armenian Weekly Uzay Bulut May 30, 2017
After Manchester, We Cannot 'Carry On Exactly as Before' Breitbart Raheem Kassam May 23, 2017
Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What! The Gatestone Institute Uzay Bulut May 21, 2017
Celebrity Hijabs: The World's Worst Fashion Statement The Philos Project Uzay Bulut May 16, 2017
Should Europe Tolerate Muslim Rapists? Arutz Sheva Uzay Bulut May 10, 2017
Academic Malfeasance: U. of Arkansas Disinvites Phyllis Chesler The Daily Caller Winfield Myers April 27, 2017
Why Is Female Genital Mutilation Still Happening in the U.S.? Fox News Phyllis Chesler April 27, 2017
Is Judith Butler the New Edward Said? American Thinker A.J. Caschetta January 14, 2017
Islam's Celestial Sex Slaves FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim November 24, 2016
A Famous Feminist Weighs in on the Burkini Affair Arutz Sheva September 1, 2016
Why the Burkini? The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah August 30, 2016
Ban the Burqa, Allow the Burkini The Philadelphia Inquirer Daniel Pipes August 23, 2016
PC Europe Blaming Women for Provoking Muslim Rapists PJ Media Raymond Ibrahim June 23, 2016
Why Jihadists Kill 'Gays' Jihad Watch A.J. Caschetta June 18, 2016
No, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Doesn't Like Homosexuals Independent Journal Review Gregg Roman June 15, 2016
In Islamic State-held Areas, Being Gay Often Means a Death Sentence The Los Angeles Times June 13, 2016
This Bigoted Radical Doesn't Deserve a 'Feminist Artist' Award New York Post Phyllis Chesler June 1, 2016
Hirsi Ali shines in Debate on Islam The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah April 19, 2016
Advocates Are Fighting For A Burqa-Free Europe. Will They Get It? Independent Journal Review Paul Cliteur and Machteld Zee April 14, 2016
How Madonna and Hillary Clinton Betray Muslim Women The New York Post Phyllis Chesler April 6, 2016
The Burqa Challenge to Europe Middle East Quarterly Paul Cliteur and Machteld Zee Spring 2016
Why is Ottawa Honouring the Hijab? The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 23, 2016
How Academia Whitewashes Muslim Honor Killings The New York Post Phyllis Chesler February 22, 2016
Islamic Scholar: Muslims Can Rape 'Legitimately-Owned Slaves" PJ Media Raymond Ibrahim February 8, 2016
Turkish Clerics Weigh in on Father-Daughter Lust The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil January 12, 2016
The Other Face of Jihad Arutz Sheva Phyllis Chesler January 9, 2016
'Women's Studies' is Betraying Women under Sharia Law The New York Post Phyllis Chesler December 7, 2015
In ISIS-Controlled Territories, Forcing Women to Cover Up Has Deep Psychological Effects Yahoo Lisa Kaplan Gordon November 30, 2015
A Kingdom for a Niqab The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah October 20, 2015
Where's the Feminist Outrage over ISIS's Savage Treatment of Women? Fox News Phyllis Chesler October 8, 2015
When Women Commit Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Fall 2015
British Islamist Hamza Tzortzis's Ashley Madison Account Details Breitbart Raheem Kassam August 24, 2015
UK Islamist Leader Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack Breitbart Raheem Kassam August 23, 2015
Too Many Women Despise America and Hate Israel Arutz Sheva Phyllis Chesler August 9, 2015
Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim July 30, 2015
Islam, Political Correctness, and Child Sacrifice FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim July 2, 2015
Confronting Female Genital Mutilation in Iran The Weekly Standard Irfan Al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz June 17, 2015
Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan The Weekly Standard Irfan Al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz June 17, 2015
As ISIS Brutalizes Women, a Pathetic Feminist Silence The New York Post Phyllis Chesler June 7, 2015
Injustice as Usual: Malala Assassins Secretly Acquitted in Pakistan Breitbart Phyllis Chesler June 5, 2015
Reaping the Whirlwind of EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Breitbart Phyllis Chesler June 2, 2015
May God Protect the Bravest Woman I Know The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah May 19, 2015
Interview with Phyllis Chesler The Jewish Press Elliot Resnick May 13, 2015
UCLA Prof Khaled Abou El Fadl Condemns ISIS, but Does He Condemn Islamism? Jihad Watch Cinnamon Stillwell and Adelle Nazarian May 12, 2015
ISIS "Jihad Bride" Propaganda Lures Foreign Women Breitbart Phyllis Chesler April 8, 2015
Race, Gender, and Collective Schizophrenia in Turkey Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil April 1, 2015
Palestinian Journalist Chronicles Brutal Life of Muslim 'Sister Wives' Breitbart Phyllis Chesler March 23, 2015
"Pro-Reform Islamism" in Turkey The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil March 18, 2015
The Niqab is the Flag of Islamism​ The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah March 17, 2015
Dangers of the Turkish Bizarre The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil March 1, 2015
Turkey's Culture of Misogyny The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil February 24, 2015
Why are Jihadis so Obsessed with Porn? The New York Post Phyllis Chesler February 17, 2015
ISIS Women's Guide: 'Emasculation of Muslim Men ... Tearing Society Apart' Breitbart Phyllis Chesler February 6, 2015
The Strategic Implications of Iran's STD Epidemic Asia Times Online David P. Goldman January 30, 2015
Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran The Weekly Standard Irfan al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz January 20, 2015
Model Awareness: Cosmo UK's Bold Honor Killing Cover Breitbart Phyllis Chesler January 20, 2015
Ridiculing Islam Starts at Home Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil January 7, 2015
Saudi Clerics Fight for the Right to Marry Children Veritas International Enterprise Raymond Ibrahim December 30, 2014
Death of an American 'Infidel' in Abu Dhabi Breitbart Phyllis Chesler December 4, 2014
Erdoğan, on Women Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil November 28, 2014
Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity Breitbart Phyllis Chesler November 19, 2014
Teenage Saudi Girl Won't Have to Marry 90-Year-Old Breitbart Phyllis Chesler November 14, 2014
Interrogating Muslim Masculinities? Jihad Watch A.J. Caschetta November 4, 2014
ISIS Justifies Its Yazidi Slaves National Review Online Daniel Pipes October 16, 2014
Muhammad and Islam's Sex Slaves FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim October 16, 2014
The Wrong Path to Heaven Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil September 26, 2014
The Muslim Rape of Christian Nuns FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim August 28, 2014
'Honor' Killings: A New Kind of American Tragedy Breitbart Phyllis Chesler June 30, 2014
Rape in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood 'Gets Even' Human Events Raymond Ibrahim June 18, 2014
The Koran and Child Marriage markdurie.com Mark Durie June 14, 2014
Islamic Fatwa: Husbands Should Abandon Wives to Rapists in Self-Interest Frontpage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim May 28, 2014
The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage Quadrant Online Mark Durie March 2014
Multiculturalism's Child Brides Quadrant Online Mark Durie February 26, 2014
Islamic Doctrines Justify Sex Jihad FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim October 18, 2013
Foreign Policy Magazine Covers Up Syrian Sex Jihad FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim October 7, 2013
Sex Jihad and Western Disbelief Human Events Raymond Ibrahim September 25, 2013
Islam on Cows, Horses, Camels and Women FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim July 24, 2013
The 'Sex Jihad' Investigative Project on Terrorism Raymond Ibrahim June 18, 2013
Philadelphia's Burqa Crisis The Washington Times Daniel Pipes February 21, 2013
The 'Epidemic' of Sexual Harassment - and Rape - in Morsi's Egypt FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim February 15, 2013
Foreword: Understanding Female Suicide Bombers The Smarter Bomb, Women and Children as Suicide Bombers Daniel Pipes October 2012
The Rape of Christopher Stevens FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim September 17, 2012
Egyptian Father Kills Three Daughters with Snakes FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim September 7, 2012
Egypt's First "Sex-Slave" Marriage Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim July 5, 2012
Philadelphia and the Burqa Bandits PJ Media David J. Rusin June 27, 2012
Hindu vs. Muslim Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler and Nathan Bloom Summer 2012
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood MP Seeks to Abolish Female Rights and Enforce Female Genital Mutilation Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim April 26, 2012
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy National Review David J. Rusin April 16, 2012
Islamic 'Adult Breastfeeding' Fatwas Return Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim April 12, 2012
More Evidence of Egyptian Police Stripping Women Naked? Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim March 29, 2012
Lessons on the Long Road to Hijab Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim December 28, 2011
The 'Mosqueteria' and Canada's Fuzzy Church-State Line Pajamas Media Ann Snyder October 2, 2011
Liberals who wilfully ignore Shari'a impact on women Pajamas Media Belladonna Rogers July 8, 2011
Pakistan's Christian 'Sex-Slaves': A Case Study FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim July 5, 2011
Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim June 6, 2011
Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim May 31, 2011
The Feminist Politics of Islamic Misogyny American Thinker Phyllis Chesler November 13, 2010
UCLA: Where 'Queer Studies' and Middle East Studies Meet American Thinker Eric Golub October 31, 2010
The Problem of Honor Killings Foreign Policy Journal Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi September 13, 2010
Ban the Burqa? France Votes Yes Middle East Quarterly Benjamin Ismail Fall 2010
Ban the Burqa? The Argument in Favor Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Fall 2010
France's Burqa Ban in Context National Review Online Raymond Ibrahim July 23, 2010
New Fatwa Calls on Men to Drink Women's Breast-Milk Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim June 4, 2010
Apologist for Gender Apartheid FrontPageMagazine.com Reut Cohen May 21, 2010
Quebec Says 'Non' to the Niqab Pajamas Media Barbara Kay May 13, 2010
How the Islamist Mindset Rationalizes - and Promotes - 'Sex Sins' Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim March 1, 2010
Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Spring 2010
Exporting American anti-Americanism to Muslim world The Washington Examiner Supna Zaidi October 28, 2009
Does Sharia Law Promote Women's Rights? FrontPageMagazine.com Cinnamon Stillwell October 20, 2009
Niqabs and Burqas - The Veiled Threat Continues Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes September 2, 2009
Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence? Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Spring 2009
The Deceits of Bridges TV Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes February 25, 2009
Westerners Welcome Harems Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes November 26, 2008
Does Islam Justify Honor Killings? Pajamas Media Supna Zaidi September 27, 2008
Dissident Watch: Mehdi Kazemi Middle East Quarterly Andrew M. Hollin Fall 2008
Take My Wives, Please: Polygamy Heads West Pajamas Media David J. Rusin February 29, 2008
Honor killings: When the ancient and the modern collide SFGate.com Cinnamon Stillwell January 23, 2008
Delivering Obstetrics from Radical Islam Family Security Matters R. John Matthies January 7, 2008
Beating Muslim Women "For Their Own Good" FrontPageMagazine.com R. John Matthies September 7, 2007
Ban the Burqa - and the Niqab Too Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes August 1, 2007
Dissident Watch: Shadi Sadr and Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh Middle East Quarterly Caroline Sevier Summer 2007
Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem? Middle East Quarterly Thomas von der Osten-Sacken and Thomas Uwer Winter 2007
Arabian Sex Tourism FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes October 7, 2005
Female Desire and Islamic Trauma New York Sun Daniel Pipes May 25, 2004
The Camera and the Burqa Middle East Quarterly Martin Kramer Spring 2002
"Honor" Murders – Why the Perps Get off Easy Middle East Quarterly Yotam Feldner December 2000
The Rights of Muslim Women Middle East Quarterly December 1997

Blog Posts

Title Publication Author Date
Hawaii Lawyer: Trump Exec Order Violates 1st Amendment Because Honor Killings Are Islamic Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam May 15, 2017
HuffPo Columnist: 'Women to Blame' for New Year's Sex Attacks in Germany Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam December 18, 2016
ISIS Imposes a Partial Ban on Burqas Middle East Forum Blog Daniel Pipes September 13, 2016
Report: More Than 1,000 Known Child Marriages in Germany Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam August 14, 2016
Why Are Some Feminists So Preoccupied with Israel? Middle East Forum Blog Phyllis Chesler May 24, 2016
Are Parts of Michigan Governed by Shari'a Law? Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind July 9, 2015
UK's First Female Sharia Judge: 'We Can't Ask Muslims Not to Have More than One Wife' Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam July 2, 2015
Supreme Court Affirms Hijab on the Job Rights Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind June 1, 2015
NYT: The Positive Side of Ritual Modesty Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind May 29, 2015
Québécoises, 1; Islamisme, 0 Middle East Forum Blog R. John Matthies October 27, 2007


Book Title Publication Author Date
Gender, Modernity and Liberty: Middle Eastern and Western Women's Writings, a Critical Sourcebook Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Winter 2010
Civilizing Women: British Crusades in Colonial Sudan
by Janice Boddy
Middle East Quarterly Arvid Vormann Fall 2008
From Patriarchy to Empowerment: Women's Participation, Movements, and Rights in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia Middle East Quarterly Judith Colp Rubin Summer 2008
A History of Women's Seclusion in the Middle East: The Veil in the Looking Glass
by Ann Chamberlin
Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Fall 2007
Muslim Women Activists in North America: Speaking for Ourselves Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Fall 2007
Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject
by Saba Mahmood
Middle East Quarterly Cheryl Benard Winter 2007
Woman's Identity and the Qur'an: A New Reading
by Nimat Hafez Barazangi
Middle East Quarterly Cheryl Benard Summer 2006
The Death of Feminism: What's Next in the Struggle for Women's Freedom
by Phyllis Chesler
Middle East Quarterly Suzanne Gershowitz Summer 2006
The Veil Unveiled: The Hijab in Modern Culture
by Faegheh Shirazi
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Fall 2001
Female Genital Mutilation: A Guide to Laws and Policies Worldwide Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Spring 2001
Muslim Women: Crafting a North American Identity
by Shahnaz Khan
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2000
Women and the Koran: The Status of Women in Islam
by Anwar Hekmat
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1998
Between Marriage and the Market: Intimate Politics and Survival in Cairo
by Homa Hoodfar
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes December 1997
Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature
by Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1997
Infertility and Patriarchy: The Cultural Politics of Gender and Family Life in Egypt
by Marcia C. Inhorn
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1997


Title Publication Author Date
MEF's Legal Project Funds a Major Victory in Canada Announcement January 5, 2017
Migrant Crisis Dominates Most Widely Read Middle East Forum Articles of 2015 Announcement January 11, 2016

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