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  1. Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?
  2. Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
  3. How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims
  4. Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?
  5. The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?


  1. The Palestinians' Real Enemies
  2. The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?
  3. The Peace Process is Dead. Let it lay in Peace
  4. Assad's Boasts
  5. Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?


Writings by Topic: US politics

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Title Publication Author Date
Pushed on the Bandwagon Foreign Policy Steven J. Rosen September 4, 2013
Islam, Muslims, and the 2012 Election Middle East Quarterly David J. Rusin Summer 2013
The Failure of the American Jewish Left Middle East Quarterly David Brog Winter 2013
Is J Street Winning? Foreign Policy Steven J. Rosen November 9, 2012
When Romney Met Kenny FrontPageMagazine.com David J. Rusin October 23, 2012
Congressman Calls for Hearings on 'Radicalization' of White Christian Women FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim June 25, 2012
Gary Sick, Discredited but Honored Middle East Quarterly Emanuele Ottolenghi Spring 2012
Obama: 'Son of Islam'? Stonegate Institute Raymond Ibrahim February 27, 2012
Exposed: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Ignorance and Naivety Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim September 15, 2011
The Arab Lobby: The American Component Middle East Quarterly Mitchell Bard Fall 2010
Is Newt Gingrich Wrong to Talk About Sharia? Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim August 24, 2010
Obama Tries to Eradicate Radical Islam Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim April 9, 2010
Jafar 'Jeff' Siddiqui: The Islamist Who Served on the Electoral College Pajamas Media David J. Rusin July 31, 2009
Obama and a Settlements Freeze MEF Policy Forum Steven J. Rosen January 28, 2009
The National Prayer Service and the Wahhabi Lobby American Thinker Winfield Myers January 17, 2009
U.S. Government Embraces Islamic Banking Pajamas Media Supna Zaidi November 24, 2008
Obama's Middle East Studies Mentors American Thinker Cinnamon Stillwell November 2, 2008
Obama Office Operates in Philly's Islamist Corridor Pajamas Media David J. Rusin October 22, 2008
Obama or McCain, Iran stance won't change The Australian Michael Rubin October 3, 2008
Biden's Blink on Iran Washington Post Michael Rubin August 26, 2008
. . . And Foreign Policy Moves Front and Center Richmond Times-Dispatch Michael Rubin August 12, 2008
Obama in Berlin Washington Post Michael Rubin July 24, 2008
Hillary Clinton's right to say 'obliterate' New York Daily News Michael Rubin May 7, 2008
Rose-Colored Foreign Policy Wall Street Journal Michael Rubin April 14, 2008
Islamist Recommendations or Mandates? Family Security Matters R. John Matthies February 25, 2008
Our Ailing Meritocracy Private Papers Raymond Ibrahim February 15, 2008
Juan Cole's Crooked Tales of Hormuz FrontPageMagazine.com Winfield Myers January 15, 2008
Presidential Candidates and the "Forbidden Word" The Bulletin Winfield Myers December 17, 2007
My Problem with Jimmy Carter's Book Middle East Quarterly Kenneth W. Stein Spring 2007
Rumsfeld and the Realists Wall Street Journal Michael Rubin November 13, 2006
How Important Is the Israel Lobby? Middle East Quarterly David Verbeeten Fall 2006
Our Ally Down Under: The strongest Anglosphere link National Review Michael Rubin June 7, 2005
Missing the Target on Nonproliferation? Middle East Quarterly Jerry Sorkin Winter 2005
How Did Muslims Vote in 2000? Middle East Quarterly Alexander Rose Summer 2001
Muslims and the U.S. Election of ‘96 Middle East Quarterly Khalid DurĂ¡n June 1997
Jesse Helms: Setting the Record Straight Middle East Quarterly March 1995
Middle East Scholars Strike Out in Washington Middle East Quarterly Norvell B. De Atkine December 1994


Book Title Publication Author Date
The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America's Interests in the Middle East
by Mitchell Bard
Middle East Quarterly Steven J. Rosen Spring 2012
Vietnam, Jews, and the Middle East: Unintended Consequences
by Judith A. Klinghoffer
Middle East Quarterly Robert O. Freedman Winter 2002
The Unfinished Presidency: Jimmy Carter's Journey Beyond the White House
by Douglas Brinkley
Middle East Quarterly Kenneth W. Stein September 1999
Decade of Transition: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Origins of the American-Israeli Alliance
by Abraham Ben-Zvi
Middle East Quarterly Robert J. Lieber March 1999
Stealth PACs: Lobbying Congress for Control of US Middle East Policy
by Richard H. Curtiss
Middle East Quarterly Mordecai Lee June 1998

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