Writings by Topic: Christianity and Islam

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
UK: Radical Muslims Welcome, Persecuted Christians Need Not Apply Gatestone Institute March 31, 2019
Christian Martyrs of Islamic Jihad: An Ongoing Phenomenon American Thinker March 8, 2019
"We Will Displace You...": Persecution of Christians, December 2018 Gatestone Institute February 17, 2019
Pope Francis Leading His Flock to the Slaughter? Gatestone Institute February 10, 2019
Pope Francis' Fake Mission to the Muslim World PJ Media February 1, 2019
Asia Bibi is Finally Free, but Blasphemy Laws Still Must Go Calgary Sun January 29, 2019
"We Will Teach You a Lesson": Extremist Persecution of Christians, November 2018 Gatestone Institute January 27, 2019
Desert Mirage of Egyptian Cathedral Fools Mike Pompeo Coptic Solidarity January 17, 2019
Re-conquest of Constantinople Sigma Insight Turkey January 16, 2019
Egyptian Islamists Fight Back on Screen Middle East Quarterly Winter 2019
Asia Bibi's Case Reveals Islamists' True Colors The American Spectator December 21, 2018
Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures? Gatestone Institute November 4, 2018
The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian Minority Gatestone Institute October 28, 2018
Georgetown Panel on 'Islamophobia' Glosses Over Hard Truths The American Spectator October 25, 2018
Eternal Jihad: Islam Will Never, Ever Stop American Thinker October 23, 2018
"Genocide Against Christians" Gatestone Institute October 14, 2018
Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian "Blasphemer"? Gatestone Institute October 10, 2018
Iran's Idea of Human Rights: Persecute Christians Gatestone Institute October 7, 2018
"Al Shabaab Are Now Hunting down the Children in Mogadishu" Gatestone Institute September 23, 2018
Be Cursed Forever: Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018 Gatestone Institute August 5, 2018
The Dhimmi in the Mirror PJ Media July 30, 2018