Writings by Topic: Arab-Israel conflict & diplomacy

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The Israel Victory Project in Brief May 21, 2019
Blog: The Karsh Chronicle
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Justice for Palestine August 16, 2010
Middle East Forum Blog
Title Publication Date
Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital – What Does It Mean? BESA Center Online Debate December 11, 2017
The Winter 2018 Issue of Middle East Quarterly is Out December 1, 2017
The Oslo Disaster: Executive Summary September 14, 2016
East Germany's Undeclared Wars with Israel The Times of Israel May 1, 2016
UK Government Refuses to Raise Hamas Brutality Report with Palestinians Breitbart June 5, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Jason Greenblatt and the Inconvenient Truth of Palestinian Rejectionism The Daily Wire September 20, 2019
Encouraging Palestinians to Swim Uphill JNS August 5, 2019
Poll: Israelis Find the Security Establishment "Too Timid" The Jerusalem Post July 23, 2019
Bahrain Incurs Rejectionist Wrath for Hosting Peace Conference The Hill June 10, 2019
A Memo to Jared Kushner on the 'Deal of the Century' BESA Center Perspectives May 12, 2019
Why the Palestinian Authority Won't Collapse The Jerusalem Post May 2, 2019
Anticipating Trump's "Deal of the Century" Washington Times April 9, 2019
Oman: We Support Establishment of Palestinian State The Jerusalem Post April 7, 2019
The 'Existing is Resisting' Gaza Protest is Working The Jerusalem Post March 31, 2019
The Failure of Palestinian Nationalism BESA Center Perspectives March 10, 2019
Trump's Mideast 'Deal of the Century' May Be a Raw One for Israel The Wall Street Journal January 24, 2019
Challenges of the New IDF Chief of Staff The Jerusalem Post January 16, 2019
If Trump Wants to Divide Jerusalem into Three danielpipes.org December 24, 2018
Gun Attacks in West Bank Bring Back Memories of Worse to Come The Jerusalem Post December 13, 2018
The Depths to Which the Oslo Process Has Driven Israel The Algemeiner November 20, 2018
Life in Gaza: Stores Full, Pockets Empty Jerusalem Post October 18, 2018
Major Escalation as Gaza Calculates Conflict with Israel Jerusalem Post October 17, 2018
President Trump, Tell the Palestinians: No Negotiations Without Recognition of Jewish Self... BESA Center Perspectives Paper October 14, 2018
Trump Closes the PLO's Washington Office AMI News Wire October 2, 2018
PA Expels 20 Families from Clan in Yatta after Deadly Gun Battle September 18, 2018
Trump Should Release Secret Report on the True Number of Palestinian Refugees Washington Examiner August 12, 2018
To the Brink of War: How Hamas and Israel Got Here Jerusalem Post August 9, 2018
Oslo Is Obsolete: Time for a Victory Mindset Jerusalem Post July 6, 2018
Israel Victory Gains Strength Israel Hayom July 3, 2018
End The Palestinian Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel American Spectator June 21, 2018
What Justice Demands FrontPage Magazine June 15, 2018
Enjoy the Jerusalem Embassy — But Don't Get Giddy National Review May 15, 2018
How Harry Truman Crossed His Own State Department to Recognize Israel Mosaic April 16, 2018
Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory The Australian March 24, 2018
A Rapid Descent Into Antisemitism The Algemeiner March 4, 2018
Trump Echoes Talleyrand in Middle East Diplomacy The Daily Caller February 2, 2018
Trump Is Right to Cut Funding to UNRWA The Hill January 7, 2018
The "Ottoman Balfour Declaration" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Turks and Arabs Welcomed the Balfour Declaration Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Trump Restores Realism with His National Security Strategy The Washington Examiner December 21, 2017
The US Embassy Move to Jerusalem vs. the "Peace Process" The Gatestone Institute December 19, 2017
Islamic Governments Cede West Jerusalem to Israel World Affairs Journal December 19, 2017
There's Only One Road to Peace for Israel: U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem The Hill December 5, 2017
The Future of Israel's Peace Treaty with Egypt The Jerusalem Post November 27, 2017
Palestinians and Internationalization: Means and Ends BESA Center Perspectives November 26, 2017
Belief in Palestinian Openness to Two-State Solution Amounts to Insanity The Jerusalem Post November 21, 2017
Why Palestinian Delusions Persist Israel Hayom November 13, 2017
Mahmoud Abbas Should Endorse the Balfour Declaration BESA Center Perspectives November 3, 2017
Palestinian Settler-Colonialism BESA Center Perspectives September 3, 2017
The Vatican Joins the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Middle East Quarterly Fall 2017
Palestinian Rejectionism is Weakening Israel Hayom August 7, 2017
Even Kushner Knows Negotiation Can't Solve the Palestinian Conflict The Hill August 4, 2017
A Palestinian Victory at the Temple Mount The Wall Street Journal July 26, 2017
Victory Requires Patience Israel Hayom July 19, 2017
Israelis Want Victory The Jerusalem Post July 11, 2017
End the False Israeli-Palestinian Parity Israel Hayom July 5, 2017
Conflict Will Remain until Palestinians Accept Israel The Sun Sentinel June 9, 2017
The Paradoxical Peril of Warm U.S.-Israel Relations The Wall Street Journal June 2, 2017
Nakba: The Source of Arab-Israeli Conflict Ynet News June 1, 2017
Israel's Costs vs. Its Benefits Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017
An Inevitable Conflict Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017
Trump Can Break the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse The Gatestone Institute May 22, 2017
Palestinian Statehood Is Acceptable ... Eventually Arutz Sheva May 21, 2017
Achieving Israel Victory with Martin Sherman Arutz Sheva May 14, 2017
Israel Is Still at War BESA Center Perspectives May 4, 2017
Breaking the Palestinians' Will to Fight Mosaic April 10, 2017
The Burden of Israel's 1967 Victory BESA Center Perspectives April 5, 2017
President Trump Wants a Peace Process Too BESA Center Perspectives March 21, 2017
The Limbo of the Israel Embassy Controversy Newsday January 28, 2017
A Five-Part Plan for Trump to Rebuild US Relations with Israel The Hill January 27, 2017
The Three-Way Option: Arab States, Israel, Palestinians Israel Hayom January 25, 2017
Advice for President-elect Trump from a Veteran Mideast Envoy (satire) The Times of Israel January 19, 2017
Dublin Is Not Jerusalem The Forward January 10, 2017
The Way to Peace: Israeli Victory, Palestinian Defeat Commentary January 2017
This Is the Moment for an Israeli Victory National Review Online December 31, 2016
What is Obama's End Game on Israel? The Hill December 31, 2016
Jimmy Carter's Lifelong Pursuit of a Palestinian State American Thinker December 30, 2016
A Palestinian Defeat is Good for All JNS.org December 28, 2016
John Kerry is Dead Wrong about Israeli Settlements The Los Angeles Times December 28, 2016
Jimmy Carter's House of Mirrors The Hill December 6, 2016
As Trump Charts New Mideast Policy, White House Contemplates Sabotage The Miami Herald November 21, 2016
America's Know-Nothing Diplomacy The Washington Times November 9, 2016
Are Palestinians #Ready4Peace? The Washington Examiner November 5, 2016
Backgrounder: Recognizing Palestinian Statehood October 18, 2016
It is Time to Break up the Quartet The Jerusalem Post October 4, 2016
Obama's November Surprise The Hill September 26, 2016
What Would a Palestinian State Look Like? The Weekly Standard September 26, 2016
Why the Oslo Process Doomed Peace Middle East Quarterly Fall 2016
The Temple Mount and UNESCO The Gatestone Institute August 19, 2016
'Anti-Normalization' Is an Assault on Israelis and Palestinians Alike The National Post August 3, 2016
Israel's Palestinian Dilemmas BESA Center Perspectives May 3, 2016
Arabs Strive for Honor, Not Peace Israfax April 22, 2016
Obama and the Daylight between US and Israel The Hill March 18, 2016
Will 2016 Be the Year of Abbas Diplomacy? Jihad Watch January 6, 2016
Blood and Ballots in Turkey The Huffington Post October 26, 2015
Introduction to "Nothing Abides" July 28, 2015
Interview with Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren FrontPage Magazine July 20, 2015
Diplomatic Activism Won't Bring Israeli-Palestinian Peace Israel Hayom June 1, 2015
Abbas to Syria's Palestinian Refugees: Go to Israel or 'Die in Syria' The American Interest May 17, 2015
Will Obama Pick Another Fight with Israel? The Washington Times April 27, 2015
A Palestinian State: Why Not? The Weekly Standard April 1, 2015
Lost Opportunities after Netanyahu's Bar-Ilan Speech The Times of Israel March 29, 2015
Israelis Haven't Lost Hope in Peace, but Are More Prudent About the Process YNet News March 27, 2015
UNRWA: The Crux of the Arab-Israeli Conflict Justice Winter 2014-2015
Why Has the U.S. Congress Done So Little About UNRWA? Justice Winter 2014-2015
Rethinking Operation Protective Edge Middle East Quarterly Spring 2015
Americans Battle the Arab-Israeli Conflict Middle East Quarterly Spring 2015
The Early CIA and Its Anti-Zionist Maneuvering The Jerusalem Post February 12, 2015
A Pyrrhic Palestinian Victory in France PJ Media December 5, 2014
Sweden's Wishful Thinking on the Mideast The Washington Times November 13, 2014
Will Mahmoud Abbas Reject Israeli Protection? The Gatestone Institute October 20, 2014
Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS? PJ Media October 20, 2014
How to Be "A Disgrace to Humanity" in Turkey The Gatestone Institute September 4, 2014
Sorry to Remind You Once Again (but Golda Meir was Right) Hürriyet Daily News and Gatestone Institute July-August 2014
Hamas was Defeated, Until the Next Time BESA Center Perspectives September 1, 2014
Give the Palestinian Authority—Not the U.N.—the Money, Responsibility, and Glory The New Republic August 29, 2014
Lessons of the War in Gaza National Review Online August 9, 2014
Netanyahu's 'Long War' Doctrine PJ Media August 5, 2014
Desperately Seeking Relevance The Jerusalem Post July 24, 2014
Palestinian Suffering Used to Demonize Israel The Jerusalem Post July 21, 2014
Let's Do Almost Nothing Israel Hayom May 15, 2014
Palestinian Magical Thinking PJ Media May 7, 2014
Why [Israeli-Palestinian] Negotiations Collapsed The Times of Israel May 3, 2014
Jerusalem is Not up for Grabs BESA Center Perspectives April 10, 2014
The Peace Process is Dead. Let it lay in Peace PJ Media April 8, 2014
Respond Firmly to Palestinian Blackmail BESA Center Perspectives April 6, 2014
Reading the Obama Interview The Times of Israel March 3, 2014
The Politics of the Palestinian Right of Return Forbes February 24, 2014
Holding back al-Qaeda The Jerusalem Post February 23, 2014
Jews in Palestine? Israel Hayom February 6, 2014
The Boycott Mirage Israel Hayom February 6, 2014
Palestine's Peace Bomb Foreign Policy January 31, 2014
Michael Oren misunderstands the obstacle to peace The Jerusalem Post January 30, 2014
The Arab League and peace, after 68 years The Times of Israel January 9, 2014
The Jordan Valley: Israel's security belt Israel Hayom January 6, 2014
The Two-State Delusion Middle East Quarterly Winter 2014
It's About the Settlements, Stupid PJ Media December 17, 2013
Palestinian Red Line Israel Hayom December 16, 2013
Kerry: Stay home Israel Hayom November 10, 2013
Obama Turns on Israel National Review Online November 8, 2013
Remembering the 1973 war The Jerusalem Post October 2, 2013
The Palestinian Refugee Problem Resolved Middle East Quarterly Fall 2013
Is Netanyahu Turning Left? The Washington Times July 5, 2013
Is The Arab-Israeli Conflict Really About Economics? Forbes June 26, 2013
Obama to Palestinians: Accept the Jewish State The Washington Times March 26, 2013
Why on earth is Obama going to Israel? The Times of Israel March 12, 2013
Obama's Anti-Zionism The Washington Times January 22, 2013
Netanyahu the Palestinian Project Syndicate January 2, 2013
Israel's Arabs: Deprived or Radicalized? Israel Affairs January 2013
Gaza's Not the Key, Philadelphi Is National Review Online November 27, 2012
Operation Pillar of Defense: In Support of a Ground Offensive BESA Center Perspectives Paper November 19, 2012
A Hamas Divided The American Spectator November 19, 2012
Israel's Arab Spring National Post November 15, 2012
For Israel, every crowd has a silver lining The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2012
Israeli Settlements, American Pressure, and Peace JCPA Strategic Perspectives 2012
Talking Points Foreign Policy March 2, 2012
Israel at Peace The Dorchester Review Spring/Summer 2012
"Eventually, All Humans Will Be Palestine Refugees" The Washington Times February 21, 2012
Ending the Palestinian "Right of Return" National Review Online January 17, 2012
The Arab Uprisings' Impact Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
Hamas' win-win formula YNet News October 23, 2011
The revisionist history of Sari Nusseibeh The Jerusalem Post October 11, 2011
The Self-Defeating Statehood Gambit JointMedia News Service October 4, 2011
There Is No Palestinian State The Daily Beast September 16, 2011
Where is the Palestinian Ben-Gurion? The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2011
Azzam's Genocidal Threat Middle East Quarterly Fall 2011
Mubarak Deceived Israel as Muhammad Deceived Infidels? Hudson New York August 17, 2011
Texts, Lies and Videotape The National Interest August 10, 2011
Land for War The Wall Street Journal August 5, 2011
The Palestinians' Imaginary State Foreign Policy August 3, 2011
A Chameleon, Nevertheless American Thinker July 24, 2011
Israel's Human Chameleon Strikes Again American Thinker July 10, 2011
Not Stealing Palestine but Purchasing Israel National Review Online June 21, 2011
Reclaiming a historical truth Haaretz June 10, 2011
How Anti-Semitism Prevents Peace Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011
UNRWA's Anti-Israel Bias Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011
Abbas's Fable The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2011
What Is Israel's Next Move In The New Middle East? Moment Magazine May/June 2011
How Many Palestinian Arab Refugees Were There? Israel Affairs April 2011
NGOs vs. Israel Middle East Quarterly Spring 2011
Abbas vs. Obama Middle East Quarterly Spring 2011
Obama's Moment of Truth at the UN Commentary January 6, 2011
Why Isn't Obama Pressuring the Palestinians? Foreign Policy January 4, 2011
Will Obama Use His UN Veto? Commentary September 2010
Not taking yes for an answer Jerusalem Post August 24, 2010
Bush's Gift to Obama ForeignPolicy.com August 18, 2010
The Palestinians, Alone The New York Times August 2, 2010
Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza The Washington Times July 20, 2010
Who's Against a Two-State Solution? Jewish Ideas Daily July 20, 2010
Trust the Palestinian Authority? National Review Online July 6, 2010
Obama, Israel & American Jews: The Challenge Commentary June 2010
Benny Morris: "The 1948 War Was an Islamic Holy War" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2010
Arabs vs. the Abdullah Plan Middle East Quarterly Summer 2010
Accepting Israel as the Jewish State[: Public Opinion in Four Arab Countries] National Review Online May 11, 2010
My Peace Plan: An Israeli Victory National Post April 29, 2010
The Solace of Poor U.S.-Israel Relations National Review Online April 13, 2010
When Israel Stood Up to Washington [in 1981] FrontPageMagazine.com April 6, 2010
Obama's Foolish Settlements Ultimatum ForeignPolicy.com April 1, 2010
Is Barack Obama More AIPAC Than J Street? ForeignPolicy.com February 17, 2010
British Commander: The IDF Tried to Safeguard Civilians Middle East Quarterly Winter 2010
The Mideast Peace Deal You Haven't Heard About ForeignPolicy.com December 18, 2009
Don't Take Netanyahu to the Woodshed ForeignPolicy.com November 9, 2009
Netanyahu's Quiet Success Jerusalem Post September 30, 2009
Stuck in the Middle East ForeignPolicy.com September 17, 2009
One Cheer for Obama's Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post September 16, 2009
Targeting Israelis via International Law Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
Peace Process or War Process? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
Obama and Israel, Into the Abyss Philadelphia Bulletin July 21, 2009
Tough Love Is No Love at All ForeignPolicy.com July 21, 2009
Cut Bibi Some Slack ForeignPolicy.com July 1, 2009
A Rapid and Harsh Turn against Israel Jerusalem Post June 4, 2009
Obama and Netanyahu Meet: What's Next? Jerusalem Post May 18, 2009
Palestinians Who Helped Create Israel Jerusalem Post March 26, 2009
That Surreal Gaza Reconstruction Conference FrontPageMagazine.com March 3, 2009
Explaining Israel's Strategic Mistakes FrontPageMagazine.com January 28, 2009
Marching for Hamas Jerusalem Post January 22, 2009
Ceasefire in Gaza Family Security Matters January 14, 2009
Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza Jerusalem Post January 11, 2009
Solving the "Palestinian Problem" [with the No-State Solution] Jerusalem Post January 7, 2009
Diplomacy Cannot Quell Gaza Violence Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty January 5, 2009
Nasrallah's Defeat in the 2006 War Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
PLO Acknowledges: Still at War with Israel Hudson Institute October 28, 2008
Early Zionists and Arabs Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Philippe Karsenty: "We Need to Expose the Muhammad al-Dura Hoax" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2008
Samir Kuntar and the Last Laugh Jerusalem Post July 21, 2008
An Israeli Watershed: Strike on Syria Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Does Foreign Aid Fuel Palestinian Violence? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Israel's Predicament at 60: World's worst neighbourhood National Post May 6, 2008
Palestinians Continue to Think It's 1948 Jewish Exponent April 3, 2008
A pathetic 'peace process' Philadelphia Daily News February 21, 2008
How to Turn Gaza Over to Egypt Jerusalem Post February 7, 2008
Give Gaza to Egypt Jerusalem Post January 30, 2008
Bush Promotes a Palestinian "Right of Return" FrontPageMagazine.com January 14, 2008
Augmenting Israel's Qualitative Military Edge Middle East Quarterly Winter 2008
How UNRWA creates dependency Washington Times December 3, 2007
Accept Israel as the Jewish State? Jerusalem Post November 29, 2007
Washington Protects the Terror Masters [in Courtrooms] Jerusalem Post November 15, 2007
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise American Thinker November 13, 2007
Annapolis Blues Jerusalem Post October 24, 2007
Arab-Israeli Fatalities Rank 49th FrontPageMagazine.com October 8, 2007
Terror in Black September: An Eyewitness Account Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Countries Threatened with Extinction New York Sun August 7, 2007
Two Palestines, Anyone? New York Sun June 19, 2007
How Israel Bungled the Second Lebanon War Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
The Soviets' Six-Day War New York Sun May 29, 2007
The Real Palestinian 'Catastrophe' Philadelphia Daily News May 29, 2007
The End of Israeli Military Restraint Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
Israel's Domestic Enemy New York Sun December 19, 2006
Carter's Palestinian fantasy No. 242 Philadelphia Daily News December 6, 2006
Rethinking the Egypt-Israel "Peace" Treaty New York Sun November 21, 2006
Who and What Does the UN Represent? FrontPageMagazine.com September 21, 2006
Henry Kissinger to Iraq in 1975: "We Can Reduce Israel's Size" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Strange Logic in the Lebanon War New York Sun August 15, 2006
Hold Damascus Responsible [for Hezbollah Violence in Southern Lebanon] New York Sun August 1, 2006
Israel Has a War to Win Los Angeles Times July 20, 2006
Sending in the peacekeepers is a fool's game New York Daily News July 20, 2006
Iran Against the Arabs Wall Street Journal July 19, 2006
Israel's Unnecessary War New York Sun July 18, 2006
Eradication First: Before diplomacy National Review Online July 17, 2006
"[Symposium] On the Strip: Where To Go from Gaza?" National Review Online June 29, 2006
Palestine or Peace? A 1960 Jordanian Peace Initiative Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Mr. Olmert Visits Washington New York Sun May 16, 2006
David and Goliath FrontPageMagazine.com May 10, 2006
How Israel Can Win New York Sun April 4, 2006
Israel Shuns Victory New York Sun March 28, 2006
Re-energizing a West Bank-Jordan Alliance Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
[The Hamas Victory and] Prospects for Peace Time Magazine February 6, 2006
Why Hamas['s Electoral Victory] Leaves Me Neutral New York Sun January 31, 2006
Hezbollah's Strategic Threat to Israel Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
[Kofi Annan and] Eliminating Israel Politely New York Sun December 13, 2005
The Occupation of the Palestinian Mind FrontPageMagazine.com October 12, 2005
Gaza: How it All Got Started... FrontPageMagazine.com August 26, 2005
[The Gaza Withdrawal:] A Democracy Killing Itself USA Today August 15, 2005
"Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem" New York Sun August 9, 2005
Academics Against Israel FrontPageMagazine.com June 1, 2005
Defeat of Terror, Not Roadmap Diplomacy, Will Bring Peace Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Business as Usual in the Palestinian Authority New York Sun May 17, 2005
Pro-Israel Palestinians New York Sun May 10, 2005
Soothing rhetoric - scary reality Haaretz May 6, 2005
Retreat from Gaza Boston Globe May 2, 2005
Restless in Gaza Tech Central Station April 26, 2005
The Forcible Removal of Israelis from Gaza FrontPageMagazine.com April 11, 2005
Ariel Sharon's Folly New York Sun April 5, 2005
Benny Morris's Reign of Error, Revisited Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
Bush Marches Into a Second Term, His Agenda Set by Mideast Foes Forward January 28, 2005
Which Way Will Abbas Go? New York Sun January 11, 2005
Palestinian Word Games New York Sun January 4, 2005
Natan Sharansky: "Peace Will Only Come after Freedom and Democracy" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005
Palestinians Don't Deserve Additional Aid New York Sun December 21, 2004
Lionizing Arafat FrontPageMagazine.com December 3, 2004
Arafat's Bedroom Farce FrontPageMagazine.com November 10, 2004
Arafat's Last Threat to Israel? New York Sun November 9, 2004
Is Israel's Security Barrier Unique? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Unpacking the "Right of Return" FrontPageMagazine.com August 27, 2004
[Dennis Ross on] Strange Twists in Syrian-Israeli Diplomacy FrontPageMagazine.com August 6, 2004
Israel's Wayward Prime Ministers New York Sun June 29, 2004
Try, Try, Try Again: Bush's Peace Plans Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
NGOs Make War on Israel Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Tunnel-Vision in Gaza Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Foresaking Gaza FrontPageMagazine.com May 5, 2004
Anti-Israel Terror Backfires New York Sun April 20, 2004
Ambiguous response: Disturbing reaction to Yassin's death Washington Times March 25, 2004
Where Is Ron Arad? National Review Online March 17, 2004
Arafat's Grand Strategy Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Sharon Loses His Way On Israeli 'Settlements' New York Sun February 10, 2004
Hezbollah's Victory, Israel's Decline New York Sun February 3, 2004
The Lie That Won't Die: Collusion, 1967 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Israel's Security: The Hard-Learned Lessons Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Reading Sharon's Mind New York Sun December 23, 2003
One Man Bank FrontPageMagazine.com November 27, 2003
Why Oslo's Hopes Turned to Dust New York Post September 9, 2003
Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace Middle East Quarterly Fall 2003
[UNRWA:] The Refugee Curse New York Post August 19, 2003
"A Shot at Peace": Can the U.S. Enforce the "Road Map" New York Post July 8, 2003
U.S. to Israel: Do As We Say ... New York Post July 1, 2003
Throwing out the [Arab-Israeli] Rulebook New York Post June 17, 2003
[The Road Map:] Learning from Oslo New York Post June 10, 2003
Four-Part Disharmony: The Quartet Maps Peace Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
A Window of Opportunity for Israel? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Letters to the Editor: Does Israel Need a Plan? Commentary May 2003
Bush on Israel: Heartburn for All New York Post March 4, 2003
Negotiating the Palestinian Refugees Middle East Quarterly Spring 2003
Polls, Palestinians and the Path to Peace New York Post February 18, 2003
Does Israel Need a [Peace] Plan? Commentary February 2003
To End the [Palestinian] Violence New York Post January 7, 2003
The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
The Logic of Israel's Targeted Killing Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
Nightmare on Temple Mount New York Post September 4, 2002
Poisoned Missiles: Syria's Doomsday Deterrent Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
The Return of Hizbullah Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
A Visit Here, A Visit There - Why Did One Prompt Violence? Jewish Exponent August 22, 2002
Israel is Winning New York Post August 6, 2002
Bush is rewarding terrorism National Post June 25, 2002
[Michael Oren's] "Six Days of War" New York Post June 4, 2002
U.S. Diplomacy: Even-Handed, Empty-Handed Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
The Unbearable Lightness of My Critics Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
Has Israel Used Indiscriminate Force? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
[Is Israel] Winning by retreating? New York Post May 22, 2002
Hope for the Middle East Slate May 21, 2002
Arafat's Failure May Offer Seeds of Hope Los Angeles Times May 6, 2002
Lost Diplomats Just Step on the Gas New York Post May 6, 2002
[An Israeli] Withdrawal Won't Work Wall Street Journal April 15, 2002
Missing: Realistic Take on Arafat Los Angeles Times April 5, 2002
The Only Solution [for Israel] is Military - II New York Post April 2, 2002
[U.S. Government Statements on the Arab-Israeli Conflict:] Confusing the Matter New Republic Online April 1, 2002
Lebanon: The Intifada's False Premise Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Edward Walker: "Hizbullah Is a Terrorist Organization" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Israel's Parliamentary Intifada Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Camp David, Real and Invented Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
[The Abdullah Plan:] It's About Nothing New Republic Online March 27, 2002
[Camp David II &] Shoot-the-Moon Diplomacy New York Post March 4, 2002
The Only 'Solution' [for Israel] is Military - I New York Post February 25, 2002
Arabs Still Want to Destroy Israel Wall Street Journal January 18, 2002
Israel may be winning New York Post December 17, 2001
Arafat’s Suicide Factory New York Post December 9, 2001
Arabs Have Never Accepted Israel Wall Street Journal Europe December 3, 2001
First, Accept Israel Los Angeles Times August 31, 2001
[Building a Wall and Israel's] Quick-Fix Mentality Jerusalem Post August 29, 2001
Double delusion [by Israelis and Arabs] Jerusalem Post August 22, 2001
[Suicide Bombers:] A father's pride and glory Jerusalem Post August 15, 2001
[The New York Times' Susan] Sontag's off-key ode to Oslo Jerusalem Post August 1, 2001
Preventing War: Israel's Options Jerusalem Post July 18, 2001
A Gaza-West Bank Split? Middle East Intelligence Bulletin July/August 2001
The Mirage of a Demilitarized Palestine Middle East Quarterly Summer 2001
Mitchell report missed it Washington Times May 30, 2001
Israel's Lebanon lesson Jerusalem Post May 23, 2001
The Left's ongoing Oslo delusion Jerusalem Post April 25, 2001
The Sharon Effect Jerusalem Post March 28, 2001
Lift the 'siege' [on the Palestinian Authority]? Jerusalem Post March 14, 2001
Letters to the editor: Intifada Commentary March 2001
Land for What? American Spectator March 2001
The "Right of Return" Is Suicide for Israel Jewish Exponent February 8, 2001
Is Sharon dangerous? Jerusalem Post January 31, 2001
The Oslo process: An Israeli choice Jerusalem Post January 3, 2001
The Winds of War Jerusalem Post December 20, 2000
Be My Guest, Israel's Elections Won't Make Much of a Difference Los Angeles Times December 11, 2000
US must buck up Israel Jerusalem Post December 6, 2000
Intifada II: What the U.S. Should Do Commentary December 2000
Did Israel Betray Its Lebanese Allies? Middle East Quarterly December 2000
No longer a weakling Jerusalem Post November 22, 2000
There Is an Alternative [to Israel Making Concessions] Jerusalem Post November 8, 2000
Oslo's nine lives Jerusalem Post October 25, 2000
Stop Pressing Israel to Make Concessions Los Angeles Times October 17, 2000
Palestinian euphoria, Israeli myopia Jerusalem Post October 11, 2000
The Season of Using Force in the Mideast Has Arrived Los Angeles Times October 6, 2000
Is Ehud Barak a right-winger? Jerusalem Post September 27, 2000
The Year the Arabs Discovered Palestine [Short version] Jerusalem Post September 13, 2000
Israel's Security Zone in Lebanon - A Tragedy? Middle East Quarterly September 2000
Are the Palestinians Zionists? Jerusalem Post August 30, 2000
[Camp David II and] A perverse dynamic at work Jerusalem Post August 2, 2000
What Will Arabs Do For Peace? New York Post July 26, 2000
Jerusalem Means More to Jews Than to Muslims Los Angeles Times July 21, 2000
They had a name for it[: Appeasement] Jerusalem Post July 5, 2000
Getting Syria wrong Jerusalem Post June 21, 2000
Syria after the iron fist National Post June 12, 2000
[Assad's Death Offers] A Chance for Peace Washington Post June 11, 2000
A pivotal moment [Israel's Withdrawal from Lebanon] Jerusalem Post June 7, 2000
[The Boim Trial:] A New Way to Fight Terrorism Jerusalem Post May 24, 2000
Don't leave the SLA dangling in the wind Jerusalem Post April 25, 2000
A lesson courtesy of the Turks Jerusalem Post April 12, 2000
Turning Defeat [in Lebanon] into Victory Jerusalem Post March 31, 2000
True Syrian intentions Jerusalem Post March 17, 2000
Israel's Moment of Truth Commentary February 2000
Is a Syria-Israel Treaty Good for the United States? Middle East Forum Wire January 28, 2000
Tax dollars to Syria? Washington Times January 26, 2000
A Copernican View [of Syria] Jerusalem Post January 25, 2000
No time to cajole [Syria] Jerusalem Post December 21, 1999
"The Lamentations in Zionist Society Can No Longer Be Ignored" Azure Winter 5759/1999
The Word of Hafez al-Assad Commentary October 1999
A view of US Jews Jerusalem Post September 28, 1999
Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad's Diplomacy Middle East Quarterly September 1999
Kisses across the Golan Heights Middle East Quarterly September 1999
Can Arabs Make Peace with Israel? Middle East Quarterly September 1999
Assad Isn't Interested Jerusalem Post August 29, 1999
The Road to Damascus New Republic July 5, 1999
Peace Is the Best Security for Israel Middle East Quarterly June 1999
Whom To Root for in Israel[, Netanyahu or Barak]? IntellectualCapital.com May 13, 1999
Lebanon Turns into Israel's Vietnam Wall Street Journal March 10, 1999
Benny Morris and the Reign of Error Middle East Quarterly March 1999
A Unilateral Declaration of Statehood will be Costly Harvard Mosaic Winter 1999
...Too Bad Their Minds Are Made Up Forward December 25, 1998
No, an Exercise in Jewish Self-Debasement Middle East Quarterly December 1998
Neve Shalom: A Model of Arab-Israeli Coexistence? Middle East Quarterly December 1998
No, but a Useful Step toward Bi-Nationalism Middle East Quarterly December 1998
Israel's Demoralization Middle East Quarterly September 1998
Is There a Secret Arab-Israeli Trade? Middle East Quarterly June 1998
Listen Up, Mideast Peaceniks! New York Post January 14, 1998
On Arab Rejectionism Commentary December 1997
Can Arabs Buy Land in Israel? Middle East Quarterly December 1997
Polls Together, Polls Apart Forward October 17, 1997
Solutions Remain Elusive in the Middle East Wall Street Journal September 9, 1997
Egypt's Problem with Ranan Lurie Middle East Quarterly September 1997
Mr. Arafat's Fault Washington Times July 2, 1997
Israel's South Lebanon Imbroglio Middle East Quarterly June 1997
If I Forget Thee: Does Jerusalem Really Matter to Islam? New Republic April 28, 1997
Understanding Jerusalem Middle East Quarterly March 1997
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Over Middle East Quarterly September 1996
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Over: No, That's a Superficial Reading Middle East Quarterly September 1996
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Over: No, That's Too Logical Middle East Quarterly September 1996
Historical Fictions Middle East Quarterly September 1996
A Totalitarian Concept of History Middle East Quarterly September 1996
My Non-Zionist Narrative Middle East Quarterly September 1996
Arafat and Netanyahu Philadelphia Inquirer August 15, 1996
Rewriting Israel's History Middle East Quarterly June 1996
Focus on Hamas: The PLO's Friend or Foe? Middle East Quarterly June 1996
Focus on Hamas: Terror by Remote Control Middle East Quarterly June 1996
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MEF in the Media
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