Saul Singer, Camp David, Real and Invented
Flies in the revisionist ointment

Ronen Sebag, Lebanon: The Intifada's False Premise
A lesson lost on the Palestinians

Julián Schvindlerman, Israel's Parliamentary Intifada
How do you say "fifth column" in Arabic?

Ariel I. Ahram, Iraq and Syria: The Dilemma of Dynasty
Why Iraq's future looks rockier than Syria's

Stephen Schwartz, The Arab Betrayal of Balkan Islam
And why America got no credit where credit was due

Timothy R. Furnish, Bin Ladin: The Man Who Would Be Mahdi
Could he play the messiah card?


Edward Walker, "Hizbullah Is a Terrorist Organization"
And if Arafat doesn't straighten up, "he's dead"


Martin Kramer, The Camera and the Burqa
The lens filters public opinion on Afghanistan


Patrick Clawson, Brief Reviews
George Antonius ... Reza Shah ... Oslo accords ... PKK ... Taliban ... Albert Hourani


Martin Kramer, Jihad 101
The windbags and the windfall of September 11


You Say Osama, I Say Usama
Let's call the whole thing off

"ACLU Takes over Terror Investigation"
How to fight terror without profiling - and lose