Michael Rubin, How to Free Iraq
And no better moment than now

Ofra Bengio, Saddam Husayn's Novel of Fear
The (Arab) Renaissance man enters the world of letters

Daniel Pipes and Mimi Stillman, The United States Government – Islam's Patron?
The nation's leaders have become apologists for the faith

Khalid Durán, How CAIR Put My Life in Peril
An author in America comes under an Islamist death threat

Ali Salem, My Drive to Israel
One of Egypt’s best-loved playwrights defies the establishment

Yehudit Ronen, The Lockerbie Endgame: Qadhdhafi Slips the Noose
Libya’s leader writes the book on comebacks

Mustafa Kibaroğlu, Turkey and Israel Strategize
It’s in Turkey’s interest, too


Jalal Talabani, "No Grounds for Relations with Baghdad"
The Iraqi Kurdish leader tells his hopes

Ismail Cem, "The EU Train Cannot Be Missed"
Turkey’s foreign minister pursues an elusive balance


Martin Kramer, PBS Presents: Islam for Viewers Like You
Enter the "portal" and "experience the deep past"


Brief Reviews
Saudi succession … "The Greatest" exposed … Dhimmitude … Palestine 1948


Martin Kramer, Professors of Palestine
Academics join the intifada


"Northern Irish, Serbs, and Hutus Granted Homeland in West Bank"
"A toxic dump for intractable conflicts"