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Title Date
Befogging the Enemy: U.S. Officials as Human Pretzels December 31, 2011
CAIR Targets Muslims Who Oppose Radical Islam December 23, 2011
Male Nurse Claims He Was Fired for Treating Muslim Women November 30, 2011
Hate Crimes: Muslims No Worse Off Than Jews, Gays, or Blacks November 25, 2011
Security Clearance Pulled Due to Wife's Islamist Links November 16, 2011
Islamists as Slumlords November 4, 2011
Threats to Free Speech: A Tale of Two Terry Joneses October 14, 2011
'Islamophobia' Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop October 7, 2011
No Hijab, No Peace: Analyzing the Rye Playland Incident September 30, 2011
Pew Poll Quantifies the Radical Minority of U.S. Muslims September 6, 2011
Gallup's U.S. Muslim Survey: No Great Boon to Islamists August 31, 2011
Belgian Burqa Ban Takes Effect — Who's Next? August 11, 2011
CAIR Regularly Slams America on Iranian TV July 22, 2011
Face of Controversial Philly Muslim Adorns City-Backed Mural July 15, 2011
Prince Goes from 'Darling Nikki' to 'Darling Niqab' July 8, 2011
Armageddon, Farrakhan, and Philadelphia's Islamic Festival June 29, 2011
CAIR's 'Islamophobia' Study Distorts Philly Mosque Case June 24, 2011
The Justice Department's PC-Heavy Press Releases June 7, 2011
Have Christians Gone Overboard in Outreach to Muslims? May 31, 2011
Everybody Remember Molly Norris Day May 20, 2011
Muslims for Burqa Bans May 13, 2011
Did a Polygamous Imam Lead Prayer in the Florida Legislature? April 27, 2011
Efforts to Ban the Burqa Go Well Beyond France April 20, 2011
CNN 'Islamophobia' Piece Relies on Flagrant Deception April 8, 2011
Boorish Anti-Muslim Protesters Aid Islamists March 31, 2011
Violent Jihad Kills Muslims, 'Islamophobia' Does Not March 25, 2011
Muslim Radicalization: Rebutting Peter King's Critics March 9, 2011
Sexual Slavery in Britain and Its PC Enablers February 28, 2011
Teachers Physically Assaulted by Islamists February 26, 2011
Europe Wakes to Multiculturalism's Epic Failure February 18, 2011
Trend: Burn a Koran, Get Arrested January 31, 2011
Burqa Bandits Target TD Bank January 21, 2011
The Slow-Motion Exodus of European Jews January 7, 2011