Articles by Islamist Watch

Title Publication Date
Khashoggi Revelations Finally Expose Qatar PJ Media December 28, 2018
Why Hyatt Shouldn't Trust the SPLC PJ Media December 28, 2018
Asia Bibi's Case Reveals Islamists' True Colors American Spectator December 21, 2018
Be Careful When Dealing With CAIR The American Spectator December 17, 2018
Islamist Tourism American Thinker November 29, 2018
Islamist Detained, New York Times Baffled The American Spectator November 27, 2018
Hyatt Helps Hate JNS November 21, 2018
Islamists Bowdlerize Plano Library The American Spectator November 7, 2018
Lost in Sudan Christian Post November 6, 2018
Anti-Semites Exploit Anti-Semitism Letter The Algemeiner November 1, 2018
It's Time to Prosecute Terror Finance Again The Daily Caller October 24, 2018
How Do You Acknowledge A Woman You Can't See? Tablet October 19, 2018
BNP Leader Runs for Office in Northern Virginia Daily Asian Age (Bangladesh) October 15, 2018
New York City's Islamist Grant Daily Caller October 5, 2018
Austria Ignores Threat of Iranian Islamism American Spectator October 5, 2018
Media Covering for BDS Radicals in Florida Race September 27, 2018
Bangladeshi Islamists Go to Washington American Spectator September 24, 2018
Another Islamist in Congress? Daily Caller September 20, 2018
CAIR 'Civil Rights' Activist a Classic Anti-Semite PJ Media September 17, 2018
Fool Me Twice: Shame on CAIR American Spectator September 14, 2018
CSN: Useful Idiots or Advocates for Hate? American Spectator September 11, 2018
Close Call in Massachusetts American Spectator September 7, 2018
Islamist Hate Preachers Gather at ISNA Convention Algemeiner September 4, 2018
Colorado Student Activists' Blind Spot for Hate JNS August 27, 2018
ISNA's Extremist Price of Admission JNS August 21, 2018
South Asian Islamists Gain Ground in Philadelphia Rabwah Times August 17, 2018
Islamist Candidates in Michigan The Federalist August 13, 2018
CAIR Bigots Exploit Fears of Bigotry The Algemeiner August 13, 2018
MEF Refutes Islamic Relief USA Islamist Watch July 30, 2018
Terror Charities Top Corporate Donation Charts The American Spectator July 30, 2018
Can Keith Ellison Enforce the Law Without Bias? American Spectator July 26, 2018
Exclusive: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded National Review Online July 25, 2018
Turkey Building Islamist Beachheads Daily Caller July 10, 2018
Bangladesh's BNP runs for office in America Daily Asian Age (Bangladesh) July 7, 2018
Islamic Relief Should Be Shut Down The National July 3, 2018
Moderate Islam Falters in the Face of Silicon National Review June 18, 2018
CAIR Denies Condemning Anti-Semitism Rabwah Times June 12, 2018
Nashville's Jewish community Schadenfreude JNS May 23, 2018
Don't Work with the Southern Poverty Law Center The Tennessee Star May 18, 2018
Muslim Legal Fund of America: Terrorist Defender? The Daily Caller May 16, 2018
"Islamophobia" Myopia The Federalist May 15, 2018
Christians Share Stage With Islamists at CAIR Daily Caller May 4, 2018
Mosque Fails to Conceal Continued Misogyny American Spectator May 1, 2018
Islamists Gather for Annual 'Pearls of the Quran' American Spectator April 27, 2018
Deobandi Cleric: Beat Your Wife, But Lightly Rabwah Times April 6, 2018
ICNA-MAS in Baltimore: A Meeting of Islamist Minds The American Spectator March 30, 2018
Faith and Freedom Redefined at CAIR Banquet American Thinker March 23, 2018
Extremist Cleric Yasir Qadhi Headlines ICNA Dinner The Algemeiner March 21, 2018
Radical Islamism Spreads in American Prisons The Daily Caller March 16, 2018
Excusing Islamist Warfare as Welfare The American Spectator March 16, 2018
CAIR in Georgia, as Pro-Hamas as Ever The American Spectator February 24, 2018
Turkey Stokes Unrest Over Jerusalem Recognition The Daily Caller February 14, 2018
Pakistani Islamism Flourishes in America National Review January 24, 2018
LIFE Goes on for Embattled Islamist Charity The Daily Caller January 23, 2018
Linda Sarsour's Damaging Dissent The Daily Wire January 19, 2018
American Islamist Charity Openly Partners with Designated Terrorists
 Rabwah Times January 4, 2018