One thing was clear at a town hall discussion in downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday: being Muslim in America in 2017 comes with a lot of emotional trauma.

A panel of Muslim journalists and activists convened at BRIC House for "Muslim in New York: A Community Comes Together." The group talked about the realities of living as a Muslim and Islamophobia. It was deeply personal as Dr. Debbie Almontaser of the Muslim Community Network shared her experience on 9/11 — she recalled that her friend insisted on accompanying her home and during the car ride, a man yelled, "You did this to us!" — and journalist Mehdi Hasan brought up his fears as a parent of two daughters.

But it was a video of one young Muslim man telling the story of his father's arrest that exemplified the toll on Muslims' mental health post 9/11. The man described seeing his family separated, and being ostracized in his community.

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