Everybody has pounced on Donald Trump for not confronting a questioner at a town hall meeting who said President Obama is a Muslim and "not even an American." Trump ignored the statements and responded to the questioner's concern about terrorist training camps with a vapid "We're going to be looking at that." But the critics have a point, though not the one they think. Trump should have made the question an opportunity to direct our attention to where it belongs––not on Obama's biography, but on his actions and the need for Republicans to put more energy into the fight against them.

Missing that point, Republicans who already dislike Trump were quick to condemn him. Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News that Trump should have "immediately sort of undermined and denied the premise" of the question, a sentiment shared by NRO's Charles C.W. Cooke. Long-shot presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said Trump missed a chance to put the man "in his place." Many pundits held up as a model John McCain, who while campaigning in 2008 corrected a woman who said Obama is an Arab. They seem to forget that despite McCain's high-minded praise of Obama, he still lost.

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