An avid filmmaker exploring the Islamic community's response to Bill C-51 through an upcoming documentary says the Islamic community has not taken a more vocal stance on Bill C-51 because of the fear and the stigma associated with being a Muslim. Anyone who might try to oppose the government's proposed legislation would likely be labelled an extremist, or at least they fear that this will be the case, Umulkhaire Abdallah says.

Abdallah sought to understand why Canadian Muslims have not taken a more active stance over the government's controversial proposed legislation, which is being voted on by the Senate on June 9, through her upcoming documentary titled Bill C-51 – Behind Closed Eyes That See.

"It not only gives Muslims a platform to speak, it also gives the government an understanding that the Muslim community isn't so segregated from them, that maybe the government and the community can work together to combat radicalism, rather than working separately and targeting the Islamic community," said Abdallah, who hopes to have her documentary finished by mid-July.

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