"Not many people make national news by bringing a homemade clock to school," gushed Time as it named Ahmed Mohamed to its list of "The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015." "But the ninth grader's arrest, after teachers and authorities mistook said clock for a bomb, kicked off a national debate over racial profiling—and a outpouring of support for Mohamed, who was personally invited to the White House by President Obama (who called his clock 'cool'). In October, he accepted a full scholarship to a prestigious school in Qatar."

Racial profiling? Really? What race is jihad terror again? What race is carrying what could be a bomb to a school? I keep forgetting.

In any case, Time's selection was perfectly fitting. Ahmed Mohamed probably deserves to be on the list more than any of the other 29 teens. As he hobnobbed with world leaders and was hailed as a hero by the international media, his influence was undeniable; the only question was whether it was a positive or a negative influence.

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