Sweden's newly elected Social Democrat Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, is under a fire for appointing a politician described as an "Islamist" to his cabinet.

Mehmet Kaplan, 43, was appointed the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, after serving two terms as a Member of Parliament representing the Green Party.

Kaplan's selection as minister has prompted widespread outcry, not the least from former Social Democrat party leaders. On October 14th, Dagens Nyheter reported the criticism of Nalin Pekgul, a former Social Democrat MP who is of Kurdish origin. Pekgul classified Kaplan as an "Islamist" with a "hidden agenda that aims to strengthen Islamist forces in Sweden" and called his appointment "surprising and terrifying." Pekgul pointed to various actions and statements made by Kaplan, adding that no one dares to criticize him lest they be accused of Islamophobia.

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