In German Muslim-dominated immigrant neighborhoods, a parallel judicial system has developed in the tradition of Sharia. The state seems to capitulate to the power of the Arab clans.

As Taccidin Yatkin in spring 2013 had a reconciliation meeting with the Lebanese extended family Omeirat, he hoped that both sides in the Arab tradition would join hands and would drink tea. The occasion was an accident over four years ago. In January 2009 Yatkins son Ali had killed the 17-year-old Mohammed Omeirat when he went through the lights at red, and fatally injured Omeirat.

As the former president of the Central Council of Turks in Germany entered the premises of the Lebanese Association in Berlin-Neukölln , he knew that the victim's family wanted no smoking peace pipe. 40 to 50 relatives of Omeirat 40 to 50 members met. The message of this threat scenario was clear: Whoever does not cooperate here messes with the entire extended family of Omeirat. The police see parts of the family as organized criminals, primarily engaged in property and violent crimes.

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