Alex Seitz-Wald of Salon is a bit of a dim bulb; on Tuesday he tweeted this:

He was referring, however, to my piece at Atlas Shrugs (which, incidentally, was about him and his ilk: "The Monstrous Moral Inversion of the 'Islamophobia' Industry"), which was not an interview at all, but a column. When someone on his side gently pointed this out, the intrepid journalist Seitz-Wald responded: "I'll admit I didn't even bother reading enough to determine if it was an interview or a column."

In light of his confessed carelessness and obvious dim-bulb status, it is no surprise that he would fall for a war-is-deceit sharpie like Hamas-linked CAIR's Ahmed Rehab, even if Rehab's deception skills are decidedly second-tier. Salon is an indefatigable exponent of the Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance, and so even if they had sent a more intelligent writer than Alex Seitz-Wald to do this story, Rehab wouldn't have had to work very hard.

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