The London School of Islamics has issued a press release to praise new legislation in the British Parliament that would endorse state-funded radical Muslim schools that would inspire elementary school students to learn more about the basic fundamentals of jihad (holy war against the so-called infidel).

The London School of Economics said, "(UK) academies bill will enable a radical overhaul of England's schools, giving every school the chance to convert to an academy and giving parents the right to create free schools outside the control of Las. The new schools will drive up standards and the education would be in accordance with the needs and demands of the parents. It will help native Brits, Muslims, Hindus, Sikh and other minorities to set up their own schools for the education of their children. It is nothing to do with integration or segregation. Segregation already exists in British schooling, it is not going to widen. President Obama supports free schools in America because they have benefitted the least well off the most. Educating children is the priority."

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