The Muslim Brotherhood's front group in the United States conceals donations from Islamist governments overseas by maintaining a complex web of shell organizations, according to a new report.

Right under President Obama's nose, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) engages in an ACORN-like game of corporate musical chairs with its convoluted corporate structure and head-spinning funding machinations, Charles C. Johnson reports in the Daily Caller. Among the bombshell allegations, previewed Friday in FrontPage, are that CAIR has been "washing" millions of dollars from oil-rich nations without disclosing the donations to the U.S. government, as the law appears to require.

CAIR, a social welfare and lobbying organization recognized under 501c4 of the federal tax code, is the Islamofascist group in the United States most favored by leftists, Islamist fellow-travelers, dupes, and useful idiots. While CAIR's parent organization is the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, it also has ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda. CAIR is a de facto agent of hostile foreign powers, including those in the business of exporting terrorism to our shores.

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