A few years back I was invited to give the keynote address at a one-day conference in Washington – or, actually, in Arlington – about the future of Europe.  I am still baffled as to why I was invited.  Pretty much all the other people there – the audience members as well as the conference speakers – were seasoned diplomats and sundry high-level government types, some of them Americans, the rest from various European countries.  And all of them painted a rosy picture of Europe's prospects.  The European Union, most of them agreed, was just about the best thing ever to happen to the old continent – a guarantor of peace and prosperity for generations to come.  The one or two passing mentions of Islam and immigration were also positive – thanks to the massive influx of "new Europeans" from the Muslim world, these experts assured us, Europe's demographic decline wouldn't really be much of a problem.  Several participants expressed the desire that the tired, backward old USA could become more like the progressive, forward-looking EU.

Everybody was in good cheer and in almost total agreement.  Then it came my turn to speak.  My subject: the Islamization of Europe.  Sharia enclaves.  Subjugated women.  Forced marriages.  Honor killings.  Jew-baiting.  Gay-bashing.  Spiraling rape statistics.  Systematic welfare abuse.  Police overlooking crimes, judges citing sharia law, journalists, writers, and artists practicing self-censorship for fear of giving offense to Muslim believers, and politicians pretending everything's just fine.

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