The RCMP Community Outreach unit has asked members of the Ottawa Community Outreach Program to attend, on October 28, a conference that features prominent Islamist speakers.

On behalf of the RCMP, the Force's Community Outreach office sent out an official email to members of the Diversity Consultation Committee to extend an invitation to a conference featuring Akbar Manoussi and others. The RCMP officer's email noted that he would "already be attending this event as a guest of another Community member."

The event is sponsored by four members of the Green Party: Paul Maillet, Sylvie Lemieux, Akbar Manoussi, and Qais Ghanem, the self-titled "Group of Four."

Akbar Manoussi is a former Ontario Green Party candidate and the executive director of the Iranian Cultural Center, which is located inside the Iranian embassy. According to Maclean's, an important group of Iranian-Canadian scholars and journalists wrote the leader of the Green Party in October 2008 to warn her of Manoussi's close ties with the Iranian regime, adding that such a candidate hurts the Green Party's image and leads to questions about the Party's judgment.

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