After they learned about the Muslim Association of Canada's intentions to run an Islamic school in their Lessard/Gariepy area of Edmonton, 60% of the residents signed a petition opposing the project. [CTV- August 20, 2010]

Initially their objections were based on zoning considerations. As they learned more and more about the ideological background of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), their objections came to include the danger of having an organisation openly supporting jihad and suicide bombing that would run a school in their neighbourhood. The Lessard Petition Campaign has set up its own website to explain the motives supporting its opposition.

The MAC is the Canadian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), an organization whose motto concludes with "Jihad is our way" and "Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope". A previous article published on Point de Bascule exposed the totalitarian ideology of the organization and that of its founder Hassan al-Banna. On its own website, the MAC pledges to implement al-Banna's ideology as "the best representation of Islam".

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