I am reliably told that the report in the Guardian, picked up by Ha'aretz, asserting that Obama intends to revise substantially U.S. policy toward Hamas, is incorrect. Obama has repeatedly stated and remains committed to the principle that the United States will not give political recognition to Hamas until it meets the conditions set by the international community. Clinton reaffirmed the preconditions in her testimony on January 13: "You cannot negotiate with Hamas until it renounces violence, recognizes Israel and agrees to abide by past agreements. That is the United States government's position; that is the president-elect's position."

The Jerusalem Post reports, The incoming Obama administration will not abandon US President George W. Bush's doctrine of isolating Hamas, the chief national security spokesperson of the Obama transition team has told The Jerusalem Post.The next US president will not break the policy of isolating Hamas, an Obama spokesperson told The Jerusalem Post. Obama "has repeatedly stated that he believes that Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to Israel's destruction, and that we should not deal with them until they recognize Israel, renounce violence, and abide by past agreements," said Brooke Anderson in a statement to the Post.