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  • September 01, 2002|UNDP's Arab Human Development Report 2002Middle East Quarterly

    How the Arabs Compare

  • September 01, 2002|Angelo M. CodevillaMiddle East Quarterly

    Postmortem on a Phony War

  • September 01, 2002|Hume HoranMiddle East Quarterly

    Those Young Arab Muslims and Us

    Yes, they hate us. No, it’s not our fault

  • September 01, 2002|Martin KramerMiddle East Quarterly

    MESA Culpa

    The profs vs. national security

  • September 01, 2002|Eyal ZisserMiddle East Quarterly

    The Return of Hizbullah

    In early April 2002, Israel and Hizbullah seemed to be on the brink of war. Hizbullah had stepped up its military operations against Israeli targets, both military and civilian, along the border, creating a situation that Israel could tolerate no...

  • September 01, 2002|Ilan BermanMiddle East Quarterly

    Israel, India, and Turkey: Triple Entente?

    On September 11, as al-Qa'ida cells prepared to launch their assaults on Washington and New York, a remarkable event was taking place half a world away. In New Delhi, Israeli defense and intelligence officials, led by National Security Advisor...

  • September 01, 2002|Dany ShohamMiddle East Quarterly

    Poisoned Missiles: Syria's Doomsday Deterrent

    This is Part II of a two-part examination of Syria's chemical and biological weapons (CBW). Part I, which appeared in the Summer Middle East Quarterly, revealed how Syria built its capabilities. Part II catalogues Syria's present CBW...

  • September 01, 2002|Çevik Bir and Martin ShermanMiddle East Quarterly

    Formula for Stability: Turkey Plus Israel

    The 1990s loom like the lost decade in the Middle East. The carefully-constructed house of cards known as the Arab-Israeli "peace process" lies in a heap. Saddam Husayn still menaces his neighbors and the region. And the prime export of...

  • September 01, 2002|David W. LeschMiddle East Quarterly

    1979: The Year that Shaped the Modern Middle East

  • September 01, 2002|Robert DanninMiddle East Quarterly

    Black Pilgrimage to Islam

    Dannin's ethnographic study seeks both to explain the appeal of Islam to African-Americans and explore "issues of theology, religious conversion, and social transformation as they apply to the extraordinary rise of Islam as an American...

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