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  • December 01, 2000|Julián SchvindlermanMiddle East Quarterly

    Parody: Post-Palestinian Nationalism

  • December 01, 2000|Sylviane A. DioufMiddle East Quarterly

    Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas

    Slowly, out of the surprisingly full records of slavery, an important fact is coming to light: that Muslims constituted a significant percentage of the Africans brought to the Americas in servitude; and that, as the most educated and resistant of the

  • December 01, 2000|Mordechai NisanMiddle East Quarterly

    Did Israel Betray Its Lebanese Allies?

    With its national survival so immediately and persistently at stake, Israel has occasionally adopted unsparing measures, such as a nuclear program and the pursuit of terrorists on foreign soil, that recognize the requirements of the country's...

  • December 01, 2000|Yotam FeldnerMiddle East Quarterly

    "Honor" Murders – Why the Perps Get off Easy

    On May 31, 1994, Kifaya Husayn, a 16-year-old Jordanian girl, was lashed to a chair by her 32-year-old brother. He gave her a drink of water and told her to recite an Islamic prayer. Then he slashed her throat. Immediately afterward, he ran out...

  • December 01, 2000|Efraim KarshMiddle East Quarterly

    Why the Middle East Is So Volatile

    The problem is Middle Eastern, not Western, imperialism

  • December 01, 2000|Owen H. KirbyMiddle East Quarterly

    Want Democracy? Get a King

    From time to time, the U.S. government has found itself protecting the interests of Middle Eastern monarchs—most notably in 1990-91, when it rescued Kuwait from Iraq's clutches. This is invariably a controversial step: President Bush had...

  • December 01, 2000|Martin KramerMiddle East Quarterly

    Don't Absolve the Great Powers

  • December 01, 2000|David WurmserMiddle East Quarterly

    A Richer Pedigree

  • December 01, 2000|Graham E. FullerMiddle East Quarterly

    Longing for a "Reasonable Arab World"

  • December 01, 2000|Mohammed Abdul Hameed Al-KhateebMiddle East Quarterly

    Al-Quds: The Place of Jerusalem in Classical Judaic and Islamic Traditions

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