• July 26, 2018|Oren Litwin and Clifford SmithThe American Spectator

    Can Keith Ellison Enforce the Law Without Bias?

    An important question, now that the DNC co-chairman is running for attorney general.  

  • February 17, 2016|Gary C. GambillThe Hill

    Republicans: Put Syria Back on the Table

    Given Syria's transformation in just a few years from one of the Arab world's most politically stable countries into a cauldron of mass ethno-sectarian bloodletting that ISIS calls home, you'd think it would take center stage in the Republican...

  • February 16, 2016|Tarek FatahThe Toronto Sun

    Canada's Left-Wing Orientalists

    Originally published under the title "The NDP are Hostages to the Niqab." At first glance it seemed Thomas Mulcair, the leader of Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP), had seen the light and recognized his folly in defending the Islamic facemask, the

  • June 04, 2015|Michel GurfinkielMosaic

    Jewish Conservatism: The Moment is Ripe

    I've always considered it self-evident that Judaism is most at home with conservatism, both as a worldview and as a modern political movement. How so? Conservatives can be defined first and foremost as anti-utopians. They tend to think that...

  • April 11, 2015|David P. GoldmanPJ Media

    Why Don't Americans Trust Republicans on Foreign Policy?

    Riddle me this, fellow Republicans. An NBC survey April 9 reports that a huge majority (70%) of Americans doubt that Iran will abide by any agreement to limit its nuclear arms–but a majority (54%) still think Obama will do a better job than the

  • February 15, 2015|Jeffrey HerfThe Times of Israel

    Menendez and the Demise of American Liberalism

    Originally published under the title, "Menendez and the Demise of Liberalism." The current controversy over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposed speech to a Joint Session of Congress obscures a deeper issue about American...

  • February 11, 2015|Stephen SchwartzFirst Things

    The Left and Islam Apologetics

    Originally published under the title, "Famous Communists and Islam." For some time, an argument has been made that the liberal left, in refusing to examine the problems of Islam, has betrayed its Enlightenment roots. That is, while secular...

  • February 08, 2015|David P. GoldmanPJ Media

    Obama's 'Secret Iran Strategy' Began in 2006 with Robert Gates

    Over at Mosaic Magazine, former Bush aide Michael Doran claims that the Obama administration has had a secret strategy to engage Iran from the time it took office. He's right, but he neglects to mention that George W. Bush and his national security

  • January 20, 2015|Tarek FatahThe Toronto Sun

    In Failing to Confront Islamism, the Left Betrays Itself

    Originally published under the title, "The Left has Failed to Confront Islamism" As the world struggles to understand and cope with the rise of pan-Islamism and international jihadi terrorism within Western countries, one thing is becoming...

  • January 19, 2015|Daniel PipesThe Washington Times

    In Defense of Europe's So-called Far Right

    Sunday a week ago, the French government sponsored a solidarity rally featuring an array of foreign leaders and all domestic political parties joining together in a "sacred union" (a term recalling World War I) against the massacres at Charlie Hebdo

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