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  • June 01, 2005|Salim MansurMiddle East Quarterly

    Muslims, Democracy, and the American Experience

    The subject of Islamic reform is old, even as it has emerged in recent years as one of urgency. Since 9-11, the subject has become even more pressing. It would be more proper, however, to speak about the reform of Muslims. For whatever is Islam and

  • January 01, 2005|Salim MansurMiddle East Quarterly

    "Allah Will Not Change the Condition of a People"

    Culture, Civilization and Humanity. By Tarek Heggy. London and Portland, Ore.: Frank Cass, 2003. 391 pp. $64.50 ($26.50, paper). Western Muslims and the Future of Islam. By Tariq Ramadan. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004. 272 pp. $29.95...