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The pattern is clear: Question Shari’a law – and find yourself banned from Facebook and Twitter. Criticize a radical imam, get fined.

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PHILADELPHIA — November 12, 2018. — UK firebrand Tommy Robinson and others will discuss the phenomenon of “de-platforming” at an event hosted by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and the Middle East Forum on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, Nov. 14.
The panel — moderated by MEF president Daniel Pipes — will discuss the increasing tendency to which not just social media platforms but other institutions such as Amazon, Hyatt Hotels, PayPal, and Visa/Mastercard, have de-platformed or banned users who raise such topics as Islamism, rape gangs, mass migration, and female genital mutilation.
The panel will give special attention to the case of Tommy Robinson — joining the discussion via live video — who was arrested and imprisoned for live streaming outside a court room in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Last week, PayPal, suspended Robinson’s account in a further attempt to silence his message. 
Others on the panel:
  • Raheem Kassam, former editor-in-chief for Breitbart London, on his problem with YouTube.
  • Ezra Levant, the editor of Canada’s Rebel Media news, on his problem with Norwegian Cruise Lines.
  • Anne Marie Waters, leader of the UK’s For Britain Party, on her problem setting up the party. 
The precise location will be provided to those who confirm. Please leave time for security and bring a government-issued photo ID.
Click here to register. You may also reply to Tricia McNulty at or +1 215-546-5406 ex. 101.
Space is limited. Business attire required.
Electronic devices to be put on airplane mode, please.
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