I think that we need to change our narrative, we need to change the way we speak, the way we talk about our relationship with our neighbors. Some kids in Israel think that we need to justify all the time why we are here. And we don't need to justify it to anyone. This is our right to be here. This is the national home for us. There is no other national home. The national home of the Jewish people.

And we need to continue and talk about it and talk about it, and not let the Palestinians or the Arabs or any other enemy take us from our root. If they want to continue on, if they want to negotiate, if they want to sit at the table with us, this is the condition. If they don't want [that], we can continue and fight with them another one hundred years. We're not afraid of it. They need to become tired of fighting us, and not the opposite.

The Palestinians "need to become tired of fighting us, and not the opposite."

And we do it, I think as [co-panelist Israeli MK Einat Wilf] said before, by winning again and again and again and again and again. We won every conflict that we've had, and we will win any conflict that we will have.

And I have to tell you that in the last military conflict that we had, in Tzuk Eitan [Operation Protective Edge] a few years ago, I think that the Arabs thought that Israeli society is so weak, and actually we saw it so strong as we never saw it before. Because of those times, you can see Israel society join together in order to win. So we'll continue to win. I'll educate my kids to win. We will educate our kids to win. And I think that it's more important that the international community let us win, and understand that [with] us winning the international community wins. This is what they need, not only what we need. The Western world needs us to win here.