What would be the biggest negative impact that may arise as it relates to Israel from the president's decision?

The most important potential negative impact would be a new intifada being waged by Hamas. Hamas has already called for a new intifada.

The president of Turkey, [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan, has called for an Islamic summit. The Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, was in Jordan discussing with the King about how to respond to this.

EJ Kimball

So, there's definitely the potential that this could break out into a widespread war.

However, you also have the factor of Iran and the burgeoning relationship between Israel and the Sunni Arab states.

Historically, the Sunni Arab states, while giving lip service to the Palestinian cause, have not backed up their words with action.

And I do not believe that the Sunni Arab states are going to jeopardize their relationship with Israel in combatting what is the primary threat to their existence – the Iranian regime and Hezbollah – over an issue of recognizing the plain reality of Jerusalem as Israeli's capital.