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Title Publication Author Date
Turkey Is Behaving like an Enemy Now World Affairs Journal Michael J. Totten October 12, 2017
The JFK Assassination's Continued Importance National Review Online Daniel Pipes November 22, 2013
Gary Sick, Discredited but Honored Middle East Quarterly Emanuele Ottolenghi Spring 2012
Were Conquered Christians Really Liberated Muslims? FrontPageMagazine.com Raymond Ibrahim April 24, 2011
Bewitched Animals and the Muslim Media Hudson New York Raymond Ibrahim January 26, 2011
Top Muslims Condemn Ground Zero Mosque as a 'Zionist Conspiracy' Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim August 19, 2010
Norton Mezvinsky: Chelsea Clinton's LaRouchite Uncle American Thinker Winfield Myers and Asaf Romirowsky July 31, 2010
Islamist Groups Push Conspiracy Theories in Homegrown Terror Cases Pajamas Media Brendan Goldman and Shireen Qudosi August 3, 2009
Juan Cole's Crooked Tales of Hormuz FrontPageMagazine.com Winfield Myers January 15, 2008
Lee Harvey Oswald's Malign Legacy Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes November 22, 2007
Is Campus Watch Part of a Conspiracy? [On Mearsheimer-Walt and "The Israeli Lobby"] FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes May 12, 2006
Those Danish Cartoons and Me New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 21, 2006
A Conspiracy Theory Spreads Polio New York Sun Daniel Pipes May 24, 2005
[Michael Barkun on] Old Conspiracies, New Beliefs New York Sun Daniel Pipes January 13, 2004
Deadly Denial [of Muslim Anti-Semitism] New York Post Daniel Pipes October 26, 2003
The "October Surprise" Theory Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia Daniel Pipes 2003
The Paterson 'Protocols' New York Post Daniel Pipes November 5, 2002
A Spy Myth is Born New York Post Daniel Pipes March 11, 2002
Denial: A River in Egypt New York Post Daniel Pipes and Jonathan Schanzer January 14, 2002
EgyptAir Probe Uncovers Anti-Americanism Wall Street Journal Daniel Pipes November 24, 1999
How Kosovo Plays in the Middle East National Post Daniel Pipes May 19, 1999
Monica Lewinsky in Middle Eastern Eyes Middle East Quarterly P. R. Kumaraswamy March 1999
Jewish Control – Between Reality and Myth Al-Mushahid as-Siyasi (London) Daniel Pipes October 18, 1998
Diana and Arab Conspiracy Weekly Standard Daniel Pipes and Hilal Khashan November 10, 1997
JFK Assassination Theories in Their Leftist Context Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes, and Where It Comes From (New York: Free Press), pp. 166-68. Daniel Pipes 1997
Heroes and Knaves of the Kuwait Crisis Restless Mind: Essays in Honor of Amos Perlmutter Daniel Pipes 1996
A Millennium of Paranoia Wall Street Journal Daniel Pipes April 26, 1995
The Paranoid Style in Mideast Politics Washington Post Daniel Pipes November 6, 1994


Book Title Publication Author Date
Crude Power: Politics and the Oil Market
by Øystein Noreng
Middle East Quarterly Patrick Clawson Fall 2007
House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties
by Craig Unger
Middle East Quarterly Patrick Clawson Fall 2004
Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media, and American Culture
by Edward Abboud
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2002
The Last Days of Israel
by Barry Chamish
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Summer 2001
The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion
by Brendan O'Malley and Ian Craig
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 2000
Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
by Gordon Thomas
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes September 1999
The Farrakhan Phenomenon: Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid Style in American Politics
by Robert Singh
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes December 1998
Looking for Farrakhan
by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes December 1998
The Hidden Hand: Middle Eastern Fears of Conspiracy
by Daniel Pipes
Middle East Quarterly Hilal Khashan September 1997

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