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Bat Ye'or, Delegitimizing the Jewish State
A global Islamic organization plots an anti-Israel campaign

Jonathan Schanzer, What Palestinians Are Saying Online
A study shows Palestinian opposition to peace and political reform

Nidra Poller, A French Intifada
France's "Arab policy" backfires domestically

Andrew M. Roe, What Waziristan Means for Afghanistan
Britain's colonial experience offers insights for the current conflict

Damla Aras, Turkey's Ambassadors vs. Erdoğan
Ankara's diplomats question their prime minister’s foreign policy

Interview: Alexander Downer, "Proud of the Role We Played in Saddam's Overthrow"
A former Australian foreign minister reconsiders Middle Eastern conflicts

Dateline: Hilal Khashan, Saad Hariri's Moment of Truth
Lebanon's prime minister prefers stability to justice

Dateline: Ali Alfoneh, Khamene'i's Balancing Act
As sanctions bite, Iran's Supreme Leader seeks to assert his authority

Dateline: Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, Morocco's Pro-Israel Berbers
The Amazigh view the Jewish state as an ally against Islamism


Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Do American Muslims Support Terrorism?
A new book does little to allay fears about increasing radicalization

Brief Reviews
Arab reform ... Ottoman caliphate ... Iranian hegemony ... Hamas politics

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