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Kenneth W. Stein, My Problem with Jimmy Carter's Book
The former president falsifies conversations, mangles history, and steals maps

Michael Rubin, Iraq in Books
Quantity doesn't equal quality, but accuracy is improving

Patrick Clawson, Iran in Books
The mass market disappoints, but look for diamonds in the rough

Fikret Erkut Emcioğlu, Turkey in Books
Literary trends suggest both resurgent nationalism and a new tolerance

Simon Henderson, Saudi Arabia in Books
Oil, family, and security intermix, but society remains closed

Jeffrey Azarva, Egypt in Books
A stagnant field reflects the opacity of the Egyptian state

David Bukay, Can There Be an Islamic Democracy?
Faulty evidence underlies John Esposito's arguments that Islam encourages democracy

Tony Badran, Middle East Strongmen, Ancient and Modern
Even strong leaders had limited power in ancient Mesopotamia

Franck Salameh, Privileging the Vernacular
A new dictionary could change the way students learn Arabic


Does Prime Minister Erdoğan Accept Secularism?
The Turkish premier's history of promoting Islamism

Kamal Said Qadir, The Barzani Chameleon
The Kurdish leaders trust no one. Nor should anyone trust them


Indoctrination at Middlebury? And AIPAC's Importance
Responses from the dean of Middlebury College and a former AIPAC director


Jeffrey Azarva, Dissident Watch: Abdul Karim Nabil Sulayman
The Egyptian crackdown on liberal dissent expands to the Internet

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