Diana Muir Appelbaum, Islamic Supremacy Alive and Well in Ankara
Turkey has never been a Westernized, secularist democracy

Efraim Karsh, Ankara's Unacknowledged Genocide
Turkey may never own up to its painful past in Ottoman Armenia

Hannibal Travis, Did the Armenian Genocide Inspire Hitler?
Connections between the Armenian massacres and the Jewish Holocaust

Michael M. Gunter, What Is Genocide? The Armenian Case
Are the Ottomans guilty of ethnic cleansing or a crime against humanity?

Ilias I. Kouskouvelis, The Problem with Turkey's "Zero Problems"
It's created troubles in every direction

H. Akin Ünver, The Forgotten Secular Turkish Model
Democratic Kemalist ideals could guide the new Arab regimes

David Brog, The Failure of the American Jewish Left
Progressives abandon their commitment to Israel

Dateline: Hilal Khashan, Will Syria's Strife Rip Lebanon Apart?
Some Lebanese support the Syrian rebels, others aid Assad

Dateline: Nidra Poller, How Islamism Tainted France's Presidential Election
Muslim immigration played a decisive role in the electoral contest


Patrick Clawson, The Iranian Nuclear Impasse
Iran's nuclear program challenges U.S. strategic interests

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