Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
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Vol. 5   No. 8-9

August-September 2003

Explaining the Arab Democracy Deficit, Part II: American Policy
The U.S. has made the promotion of democracy and rule of law a key policy objective in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa - but not the Arab world, where American officials have praised manifestly bogus elections, tacitly supported unconstitutional disruptions, and pressured international financial institutions to relax "good governance" conditions.
Gary C. Gambill
Hezbollah's West Bank Terror Network
Hezbollah has steadily intensified its involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, gravitating from support for Palestinian terrorist groups to direct recruitment of Palestinian operatives under its own command and control.
Matthew A. Levitt
Dossier: Muhamad Mugraby
While most Lebanese are true believers in freedom and democracy, Muhamad Mugraby is one of the few prominent public figures remaining in the country who has been unswerving in his commitment to these ideals.
Gary C. Gambill
The Corruption Behind Lebanon's Electricity Crisis
Behind Lebanon's electricity crisis lies a tale of astonishing corruption and brazen disregard for public welfare.

Ziad K. Abdelnour
FNC Triumphs in Baabda-Aley
The Free National Current has translated its mass constituency and grassroots coordination with the radical left into an impressive showing at the polls.
Gary C. Gambill
The 'Right of Return' Debate Revisited
A recent public opinion survey claiming that most Palestinian refugees do not insist on exercising the "right of return" to Israel is fundamentally flawed.
Max Abrahms
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