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Middle East Intelligence Bulletin (MEIB) was, from 1999-2004, a free monthly publication, dedicated to providing informed analysis of political and strategic developments in Lebanon, Syria & the Middle East.

From the June/July 2004 issue of MEIB:

The US and France Tip the Scale in Lebanon's Power Struggle
Recent American and French pressure for constitutional presidential succession in Lebanon has had far-reaching effects.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
Hezbollah and the West African Diamond Trade
Blood diamonds are a terrorist's best friend.

Jumpstarting Arab Reform: The Bush Administration's Greater Middle East Initiative
The Bush administration's Mideast democracy promotion campaign has already borne fruit. Since details of the initiative were leaked in February, Arab governments have launched their own reform initiatives and allowed pro-democracy activists more freedom to organize and express themselves, while the Arab League passed an unprecedented resolution expressing commitment to "democratic practice" and human rights.
Gary C. Gambill
Democratization, the Peace Process, and Islamic Extremism
American efforts to promote democracy can be effective in the absence of significant progress toward a Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement, while the risks of empowering Islamic extremists can be managed.
Gary C. Gambill
Turkey's Justice and Development Party: A Model for Democratic Islam?
Since coming to power in 2002, Turkey's leading Islamist party has advanced political and economic reform in Turkey, while preserving its pro-Western foreign policy.
Thomas Patrick Carroll
Dossier: Lakhdar Brahimi
The UN special envoy's involvement in Iraq has galvanized regional Arab support for the country's political transition, but at what cost?
Mahan Abedin
Middle East Editor
Gary C. Gambill

Ziad K. Abdelnour
Daniel Pipes

Editorial Board
Thomas Patrick Carroll
Michael Rubin
Youssef Haddad

London Correspondent
Mahan Abedin