Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
Jointly published by the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon and the Middle East Forum
  Vol. 2   No. 2

February 2000 

Lebanon Report
Lebanon Assassination of Akl Hashem May Presage Demise of SLA
Lebanon Lebanon Prepares for Elections . . . Damascus-Style
Lebanon Syria Moves to Control Druze Religious Establishment
Lebanon The Beginning of the End for Hobeika?
Lebanon Corm's Figures Just Don't Add Up
Lebanon Lebanon and Syria Sign Education Agreement
Lebanon Intelligence Briefs

Middle East Report
Middle East Barak and Assad Fight for Political Survival En Route to a Final Settlement
Middle East Israeli Public Disillusioned with Lebanon Occupation
Middle East Bin Laden Linked to U.S. Bombing Plot
Middle East Jordan, Iraq Improve Ties
Middle East Syria Replaces Veteran Military Intelligence Chief
Lebanon Dossier: Abdul Halim Khaddam
Middle East Intelligence Briefs

Middle East Document File
Middle East FHHRL--The State of Human Rights in Lebanon, 1999: An Overview
Middle East AI--Urgent Action Appeal: Arrests in Syria
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