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5 October 2000 

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Statement by 99 Syrian Intellectuals

27 September 2000

MEIB Translation from the original Arabic by Suha Mawlawi Kayal

Democracy and human rights today constitute a common humanitarian language, gathering and uniting peoples' hopes in seeking a better future. And even if some countries are using our [current] predicament in order to pass along their political views, ideas and interests, interaction among nations need not result in domination and political dictation. It was allowed for our people in the past and they will be allowed in the future to be influenced by the experiences of others and at the same time add their own input, thereby developing their own distinctiveness with openness.

As Syria enters the 21st century, it is in need for all of its citizens to join forces to face the challenges posed by peace, modernization and opening up to the outside world. And for this, our people is invited like no other time to participate in the making of Syria's present and future.

From this subjective need, and in order to secure our national unity, believing that the future of our country cannot be dictated, being citizens in a republican system where everybody has the right to express themselves freely, we, the undersigned, call upon the state to implement the following demands:

No reforms, whether economic, administrative or judicial, will lead to security and stability if not fully accompanied by and [implemented] side by side with desired political reform because it is the only means of helping our society reach a peaceful shore.


1 Abdul Hadi Abbas (lawyer and writer)
2 Abdul Mouin al-Mallouhi (member of the Arabic Language Academy)
3 Antoine Makdassi (writer and thinker)
4 Burhan Ghalyoun (writer and thinker)
5 Sadek Jamal al-Azm (writer and thinker)
6 Michel Kilo (writer)
7 Tayeb Tizini (writer and thinker)
8 Abdul Rahman Mounif (novelist)
9 Adonis (poet)
10 Burhan Bukhari (researcher)
11 Hanna Abboud (writer)
12 Omar Amirralay(cinematographer)
13 Khaled Taja (actor)
14 Bassam Koussa (actor)
15 Nayla Atrach (theater producer)
16 Abdullah Hannah (researcher/historian)
17 Samir Saaifan (economist)
18 Faysal Darraj (researcher)
19 Haidar Haidar (novelist)
20 Nazih Abu Afsh (poet)
21 Hassan M.Youssef (novelist/journalist)
22 Ussama Muhammad (cinematographer)
23 Nabil Suleiman (novelist/critic)
24 Abdul Razzak Eid (researcher/critic)
25 Jad al-Karim Jaba'i (writer/researcher)
26 Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid (cinematographer)
27 Samir Zikra (cinematographer)
28 Ahmad M�allah (impressionist artist)
29 Fares al-Helou (actor)
30 Hassan Abbas (researcher)
31 Hanane Kassab Hassan (university professor)
32 Mmdouh Azzam (novelist)
33 Adel Mahmoud (poet)
34 Hazem Al-Admeh (physician and university professor)
35 Burhan Buraik (lawyer)
36 Muhammad Ra�adoun (lawyer)
37 Yasser Sari (lawyer)
38 Yussef Selman (translator)
39 Hind Midani (cinematographer)
40 Munzir Masri (poet/impressionist)
41 Ahmad Maitah (university professor)
42 Wafik Salitin (university professor)
43 Mujab al-Imam (university professor)
44 Munzir Halloum (university professor)
45 Malik Suleiman (university professor)
46 Sarab Jamal al-Attassi (researcher)
47 Toufic haroun (lawyer)
48 Issam Suleiman (physician)
49 Joseph Lahham (lawyer)
50 Attiyah Massouh (reasercher)
51 Radwan Kadamani (university professor)
52 Nizar Sabour (impressionist)
53 Chouaib Talimat (university professor)
54 Hassan Sami Younness(cinematographer/writer)
55 Waha al-Raheb (cinematographer/actress)
56 Hamid Merhei (economic consultant)
57 Rifaat al-Souyoufi (engineer)
58 Moaffak Nairabiah (writer)
59 Suhail Chbat (university professor)
60 Jamal Chedid (university professor)
61 Omar Koch (writer)
62 Raymond Butros (cinematographer)
63 Antoinette Azarieh (cinematographer)
64 Negib Nussair (critic/writer)
65 May Skaff (actress)
66 Nidal al-Debs (cinematographer)
67 Farah Jokhadar (architect)
68 Akram Khatib (poet)
69 Lokman Deirki (poet)
70 Hikmat Chatta (architect)
71 Muhammad Najati Tayyara (researcher)
72 Najmeddine al-Samman (novelist)
73 Ali al-Saleh (economist/researcher)
74 Sabah al-Hallak (researcher)
75 Nawal al-Yaziji (researcher)
76 Muhammad Karasly (cinematographer)
77 Sawssan Zakzak (researcher)
78 Chawki Baghdadi (poet)
79 Bachar Zarkan (musician)
80 Fayez Sarah (journalist)
81 Muhammad al-Fahd (journalist/poet)
82 Muhammad Berri La�awani (theater producer)
83 Najat Amoudi (educator)
84 Adel Zakkar (physician/poet)
85 Mustafa Khodr (poet)
86 Muhammad Sayed Rassas (writer)
87 Kassem Azzawi (poet)
89 Nabil al-Yafi (researcher)
90 Tamim Menhem (lawyer)
91 Ibrahim Hakim (lawyer)
92 Anwar al-Bunni (lawyer)
93 Khalil Ma�atouk (lawyer)
94 Ali al-Jundi (poet)
95 Ali Kanaan ( poet)
96 Muhammad Kamel al-Khatib (researcher)
97 Mamdouh Adwan (poet)
98 Muhammad Malas (cinematographer)
99 Muhammad Ali al-Atassi ( journalist)

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