The recent thwarting of a terrorist attack against Fort Dix, New Jersey, by an alert citizen showed that awareness of jihadist intent can save lives. In this light, Emerson's book is a vital resource that will raise readers' awareness of the ongoing terrorist threat and empower them to be proactive in safeguarding our national security.

Jihad Incorporated explains the jihadist mindset and strategies and presents a concise guide to groups. It also provides extensively documented examples of how Islamists, from college professors to taxi drivers, along with American Islamist organizations, comprise a network of ideological and operational jihadists who engage in recruitment and fundraising, in addition to the sleeper cells biding their time to spring into action. Emerson's analysis is grim: "with operatives already embedded in the United States and a number of U.S. citizen converts who can move easily in and out of the country, it would be naïve to think that Al-Qaeda was not continuing to plan for further attacks inside the United States."

Emerson and the Investigative Project provide background (based on legal and law enforcement sources) on the degree to which American Muslims groups have infiltrated the political and social system and are promoting their goals under the guise of civil rights, multiculturalism, and charitable endeavors. He highlights the use of the Internet and mosques to spread jihadist ideology and provides specific examples of individuals and institutions that have been involved in aiding terrorists. Jihad Incorporated is an invaluable who's who of the domestic jihadist enterprises and their links to the global terror network.