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Title Date
Benjamin Baird on Turkey's Malign Influence Network in America December 6, 2021
Michael Rubin: Mideast Will Be "Affected a Great Deal by the Disaster in Afghanistan" November 5, 2021
Yoni Ben-Menachem: Time for Israel to "Reoccupy the Gaza Strip" October 31, 2021
Micky Aharonson on the Taliban Victory: Implications for the Middle East October 26, 2021
Burak Bekdil: European "Pushback Is a Must" if Turkey Unleashes Afghan Migrants October 18, 2021
Soner Cagaptay on Erdo─čan's Turkey: A "Democratic Comeback" Is Possible October 15, 2021
Jonathan Spyer: Iran and Hezbollah "Swallowing Up Lebanon" October 11, 2021
Mike Pence Discusses Four Examples of Biden's Consistent "Weakness" October 3, 2021
Ali Alfoneh on the "Strategic Lessons" Guiding Iran's Behavior October 1, 2021
Martha Lee: Is France Getting Serious about Islamism? August 30, 2021
Seth J. Frantzman on Drone Warfare in the Middle East August 27, 2021
Michael Mandelbaum on Biden's Middle East Policy Challenges August 23, 2021
Richard Benkin: Jews and Hindus Face the "Same" Islamist Adversaries August 10, 2021
Morten Uhrskov Jensen on Denmark's Cap on Non-Western Immigration August 5, 2021
Philip Carl Salzman, a Nearly Canceled Professor Emeritus, Lives to Tell the Tale July 30, 2021
Keith Rothfus on the Need for "Moral Leadership" in Washington to Disrupt Terror Financing July 23, 2021
Ilan Berman: The U.S. Must Fight Islamism, not Just Jihadis July 7, 2021
Efraim Karsh: Israel's Arab Citizens Are the "Main Danger" to Its Future July 6, 2021
David Menashri: American Resolve Can Stop Iran's "March towards a Nuclear Weapon" July 3, 2021
Brenda Shaffer: Non-Persian Ethnic Minorities in Iran May Be Ripe for Revolt June 30, 2021
Simon Henderson on MbS of Saudi Arabia: A Six-Year Assessment June 28, 2021
Varsha Koduvayur: No End in Sight to Yemen War June 26, 2021
Michael Eisenstadt on Deterring Iran in the Gray Zone June 23, 2021
David Schenker: Jordan Remains a "Great Asset of Stability" in the Middle East June 20, 2021
Eytan Gilboa on Trends in U.S. Public Opinion toward Israel June 18, 2021
Hassan Dai on Countering the Iranian Regime's American Lobby June 9, 2021
Jonathan Schanzer on the Palestinian Elections Disaster May 19, 2021
Rep. Jim Banks on the Biden Administration's "Appeasement" Policies May 14, 2021
Jonathan Tobin on Israel's Response to Poland's Holocaust Revisionism May 9, 2021
Ashley Rindsberg on the New York Times' False Narrative May 7, 2021
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner on Fighting the International Criminal Court's Crusade against Israel May 5, 2021
Peter A. Chew: Twitter Reveals Popular French Attitudes on Islamism April 29, 2021
Amatzia Baram: "There is Hope" for Iraq, but Kadhimi Needs International Support April 26, 2021
Arik Rudnitzky on Israel's Unlikely New Political Player: Mansour Abbas April 24, 2021
Elliott Abrams on Biden's Iran Policy: "So Far, So Good" April 19, 2021
Steven Emerson: Beware the Next Hezbollah-Israel War April 13, 2021
Douglas Feith: The U.S. Should "Focus on Getting the Palestinians New and Better Leaders" April 10, 2021
Ahmed Alrefai on Growing Female Economic Participation in Saudi Arabia April 4, 2021
Ali Alyami on Qatar's Successful Defiance of Saudi Arabia April 1, 2021
Nonie Darwish on Muslim Converts to Christianity: "I Could Be Killed" March 26, 2021
Patrick Clawson: "Dramatic Impact" of U.S. Sanctions on Iran's Economy Will Continue after Trump March 26, 2021
Zainab al-Suwaij on How Islamists Dupe the Left March 17, 2021
Abdullah Bozkurt on Turkey's Campaign Against Dissidents March 16, 2021
Rafael Bardaji on Why Europe "Will Remain Hostile to Israel" March 14, 2021
Eric Bordenkircher on "Obiden 1.5" Middle East Policy March 13, 2021
Cynthia Farahat on the Muslim Brotherhood's "Secret Apparatus" March 10, 2021
Ali Alfoneh: The IRGC Will "Dictate" Choice of Iran's Next Supreme Leader March 10, 2021
Ofra Bengio on Kurdistan's "Moment" in the Middle East March 6, 2021
Amit Barak on the Changing Identity of Israel's Arabic-Speaking Christians March 4, 2021
Robert Spencer: "Did Muhammad Exist?" March 1, 2021
Tarek Fatah: Islamism Is the "Primary Threat to Western Civilization" February 27, 2021
Endy Zemenides: Turkey Is "More Foe than Friend" to Washington February 17, 2021
Nave Dromi on Progress toward Israel Victory February 14, 2021
Sam Westrop and Benjamin Baird on the Changing Face of Islamism in the U.S. February 12, 2021
Mark Dubowitz: Biden Must Let Maximum Pressure on Iran "Run Its Course" February 11, 2021
Winfield Myers on Holding "Politicized, Biased" Academia Accountable January 27, 2021