Middle East Forum webinars feature a brief video presentation by one or two specialists, followed by a question-and-answer period. To view past webinars, click on the links below.

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Title Date
Zuhdi Jasser on Viewing Islam through "the Lens of Liberty and Enlightenment" October 16, 2020
Sam Westrop on the "Sinister" Mission of Islamic Relief October 14, 2020
Maurice Hirsch on Stopping the Palestinian Authority's "Pay-to-Slay" Program October 11, 2020
Diliman Abdulkader on U.S. Policy toward the Kurds October 5, 2020
Micah Levinson on Prospects for Revolutions in the Middle East September 30, 2020
Alejandro MacarrĂ³n on the West's "Demographic Suicide" September 29, 2020
Todd Bensman on Jihadi Infiltration into Europe September 25, 2020
Mark Durie on Islam's Crisis of Apostasy September 13, 2020
Tzvi Kahn on the Heist of Iran's Nuclear Archive September 6, 2020
Alberto Fernandez: Arabic TV Channels "Promote Poison" September 1, 2020
Raymond Ibrahim on the Bottom-Up Oppression of Egypt's Christians August 27, 2020
Michel Gurfinkiel on the Reverse Colonization of France August 22, 2020
Alexander H. Joffe on Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism after George Floyd August 15, 2020
Michael Makovsky on the Need for a U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Pact August 10, 2020
John Nomikos on Turkish Threats to Greece August 5, 2020
Christine Douglass-Williams: Islamism "Advances Tremendously" in Canada under Trudeau August 1, 2020
Marcus Sheff: PA Textbooks "Radicalize Palestinian Children" July 24, 2020
Aia Fog on Denmark after the Muhammad Cartoons July 21, 2020
Gerald Steinberg: The EU Awakes to Terror-Linked NGOs, then Goes Back to Sleep July 16, 2020
"Turkey's Dangerous Ottoman Nostalgia" with Burak Bekdil July 10, 2020
Amatzia Baram: New Iraqi PM Is "Good News" for America and the Middle East June 25, 2020
Alex Selsky on How Russian Jews Have Changed Israel June 5, 2020
Sarah Stern on Reforming Title VI-Funded Middle East Studies Centers June 1, 2020
Adi Schwartz: Western Indulgence of Palestinian 'Refugee' Claims Obstructs Peace May 31, 2020
Joseph M. Humire on Iran's Involvement in Venezuela May 30, 2020
Phyllis Chesler on the Fight against Honor Killings May 27, 2020
Jonathan Schanzer: Iranian Missiles "Likely to Be the Cause of the Middle East's Next War" May 12, 2020
Westrop and Smith: Jamaat-e-Islami More Dangerous in the U.S than Muslim Brotherhood May 4, 2020
Myers and Smith on Federal Defunding of Politicized Middle East Studies Centers April 29, 2020
Robert Spencer on Why Islam Waxes and Wanes April 27, 2020
Westrop and Smith on the World Vision Terror Finance Scandal April 22, 2020
Westrop on How Western Governments Empower Islamists April 7, 2020
Baird: Islamists "Incredibly Organized" for 2020 US Elections April 6, 2020
Roman on the Arab Gulf States' Reaction to the Coronavirus Pandemic March 26, 2020
Jonathan Tobin: Democrats Must "Listen to the Israeli People" March 21, 2020
Daniel Pipes: COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories "Need to Be Refuted" March 19, 2020