Middle East Forum webinars feature a brief video presentation by one or two specialists, followed by a question-and-answer period. To view past webinars, click on the links below.

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Title Date
Efraim Inbar: Israel Will Confront Iran Militarily, Deal or No Deal June 24, 2022
Producer of Banned Film on Islamic History Speaks Out June 20, 2022
Charles Jacobs Asks "Where are America's Jewish Leaders?" on Islamist Antisemitism April 28, 2022
Eyal Zisser on the American Universities after American Academics Opted for BDS April 8, 2022
Jacques Neriah on Lebanon in Crisis: No End In Sight April 1, 2022
Paul Miller: What Does Just War Theory Say about the Middle East? March 25, 2022
Kyle Shideler on Known Wolves: Federal Counterterrorism Slip-ups and the Need for State-Level Terrorism Laws March 14, 2022
David Cook on Islamic Studies Today: Challenges and Trends March 11, 2022
Clifford Smith: Erdoğan Promotes Turkey's Outreach to Global Islamists March 7, 2022
Benjamin Weinthal on Germany's Increasing Support of the Iranian Regime March 4, 2022
Richard Goldberg on the New Worst Deal in History February 21, 2022
Robert Kaufman on Conservative Versus Liberal Approaches to the Middle East February 18, 2022
Todd Bensman: Jihadis Infiltrate Texas February 14, 2022
Raymond Ibrahim on Academic Myths About Islam February 11, 2022
Walid Phares on Iran Bombs Abu Dhabi: Why It Matters February 4, 2022
Daniel Greenfield on NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the Islamists January 28, 2022
Joseph Humire on Iran's Tightening Hold on Latin America January 24, 2022
Qatar's Eid Charity: An Investigation January 21, 2022
William Jacobson on the Middle East Studies Association's BDS Resolution January 14, 2022
Sultan Shahin on Making Islam Modern January 10, 2022
Wafa Sultan on Ex-Muslims Today January 7, 2022
Meir Deutsch on Advancing Israel Victory on the Ground and in the Courts January 3, 2022
Benjamin Baird on Turkey's Malign Influence Network in America December 6, 2021
Michael Rubin: Mideast Will Be "Affected a Great Deal by the Disaster in Afghanistan" November 5, 2021
Yoni Ben-Menachem: Time for Israel to "Reoccupy the Gaza Strip" October 31, 2021
Micky Aharonson on the Taliban Victory: Implications for the Middle East October 26, 2021
Burak Bekdil: European "Pushback Is a Must" if Turkey Unleashes Afghan Migrants October 18, 2021
Soner Cagaptay on Erdoğan's Turkey: A "Democratic Comeback" Is Possible October 15, 2021
Jonathan Spyer: Iran and Hezbollah "Swallowing Up Lebanon" October 11, 2021
Mike Pence Discusses Four Examples of Biden's Consistent "Weakness" October 3, 2021
Ali Alfoneh on the "Strategic Lessons" Guiding Iran's Behavior October 1, 2021
Martha Lee: Is France Getting Serious about Islamism? August 30, 2021
Seth J. Frantzman on Drone Warfare in the Middle East August 27, 2021
Michael Mandelbaum on Biden's Middle East Policy Challenges August 23, 2021
Richard Benkin: Jews and Hindus Face the "Same" Islamist Adversaries August 10, 2021