Eyal Zisser, The Return of Hizbullah
Who borders Israel in the north? It's not Lebanon

Dany Shoham, Poisoned Missiles: Syria's Doomsday Deterrent
All weaponized and some place to go

Çevik Bir and Martin Sherman, Formula for Stability: Turkey Plus Israel
And Çevik Bir should know; he formulated it

Ilan Berman, Israel, India, Turkey: Triple Entente?
Now that the "new Middle East" is history, here's Plan B


Angelo M. Codevilla, Postmortem on a Phony War
Until we strike our Arab enemies, it's just a show

Hume Horan, Those Young Arab Muslims and Us
Yes, they hate us. No, it's not our fault

Martin Kramer, MESA Culpa
The profs vs. national security


How the Arabs Compare: Arab Human Development Report
By global standards, they're slipping


Daniel Pipes, Brief Reviews
1979 ... Holy Land Christians ... Islamic Economics ... Dhimmitude


Arafat, Sharon Walk off Set of Israel

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