Are Muslims Fatalists?

by Daniel Pipes

"According to God, your age is written on your forehead."An Arabic proverb "Sit on a beehive and say this is fate."Another Arabic proverb[1] After a building crane fell into Mecca's Grand Mosque on Sep. 11, 2015, killing 114 and injuring 394, the

When Women Commit Honor Killings

by Phyllis Chesler

Female-on-female violence has been minimized because male-on-female violence is far more visible, dramatic, and epidemic. However, women sometimes kill infants, spouses, and adult strangers, including other women. Indeed, as this study shows, women play

Inculcating Islamist Ideals in Egypt

by Yohanan Manor

In contrast to the widespread perception of the Mubarak regime (1981-2011) as modernist and largely secular, school textbooks of Egyptian history during his reign systematically watered down the narrative grounding the country's national identity in

Defeating ISIS, Rolling Back Iran

by David A. Patten

In a recent article in The Atlantic, terrorism scholar Martha Crenshaw claimed it would be impossible to fight one enemy—either Iran or ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sha'm [Greater Syria])—without strengthening the other.[1] It appears the