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Alex Alexiev, Tablighi Jamaat: Jihad's Stealthy Legions
Praised as apolitical, Islam's largest missionary group quietly plots revolution

Michael Rubin, Green Money, Islamist Politics in Turkey
Is Turkey's ruling party committed to secularism? The money trail is worrying

Lorenzo Vidino, The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe
Islamists establish a base in Germany and work to subvert democracy

Dale C. Eikmeier, How to Beat the Global Islamist Insurgency
Lessons policymakers might learn from military theory about the fight ahead

Jerry Sorkin, Missing the Target on Nonproliferation?
How stopping missiles to Iran ended up embargoing Chinese antiques

Mark N. Katz, Putin's Pro-Israel Policy
The war on terror brings together Cold War adversaries

Farid N. Ghadry, Syrian Reform: What Lies Beneath
Under Syria's authoritarian surface, a reform movement percolates


Natan Sharansky, "Peace Will Only Come after Freedom and Democracy"
Why the war on terror requires the U.S. to promote democracy


Arab Liberals: Prosecute Clerics Who Promote Murder
Some Arabs recognize Islamist clerics are culpable for terrorism. Does the U.N.?


Salim Mansur, "Allah Will Not Change the Condition of a People"
On contemporary Islamic writers


Suzanne Gershowitz, Dissident Watch: Ahmad Batebi
While diplomats discuss carrots for Tehran, an Iranian dissident faces only sticks


Human Rights Watch and Funding Evil
Human Rights Watch says it's not biased. Gerald Steinberg disagrees
Rachel Ehrenfeld elaborates on her study of Al-Qaeda finances


Israeli textbooks ... Media ... ISM ... Wahhabism


Spicy Politics Boil over at Couscous Fest
Conspiracy theorists spoil food fest