"A Jewish National Home": 100 Years On
by Efraim Karsh
Had the Jerusalem Mufti
also supported the declaration,
there would have been no
by Wolfgang G. Schwanitz
The Muslim world's leader accepted
the Jewish right to statehood
Moscow's Middle East Resurgence
by Anna Borshchevskaya
Cooperation with the Kremlin
will not bring stability to Syria
by Grigory Melamedov
The intervention's gains
are smaller than commonly believed
by Efraim Inbar
A centrist leader preoccupied with Israel's security
Bekdil, Caschetta, Fernández-Morera,
Rabinowitz, Sherman, and Tamimi
Atatürk ... the Islamic State ...
Palestinian-Israeli nonviolence ...
engineers of jihad ... and more