Asher Susser, The Decline of the Arabs
The quick fall of Saddam was one symptom

Jeffrey B. White and Michael Schmidmayr, Resistance in Iraq
It goes beyond "regime dead-enders"

Max Abrahms, When Rogues Defy Reason: Bashar's Syria
Preempt or deter? That is the question

Dan Eldar, Egypt and Israel: A Reversible Peace
Peace can spoil, even if it's kept cold

Gregory A. Burris, Turkey and Israel: Speed Bumps
Interests overlap, but the fit is far from perfect


Nizar Hamdoon, "Thank you for everything. But do not stay."
Saddam's smoothest diplomat speaks his last in public


Michael B. Schub, That Which Gets Lost in Translation
Translating the Qur'an is tough enough without apologetics


Brief Reviews
Cairo ... Jerusalem ... Masada ... Jenin ... Palestinian Refugees


Stambul Burlesque
Erdogan nuptials take the (wedding) cake