Daniel Mandel, U.S. Diplomacy: Even-Handed, Empty-Handed
It is a "cycle of violence" - against Israel

Alexander A. Weinreb and Avi Weinreb, Has Israel Used Indiscriminate Force?
Run the numbers; the answer is no

Jonathan Schanzer, Palestinian Uprisings Compared
They always end badly-for the Palestinians

Matthew A. Levitt, War on Terrorism Scorecard
How will we know when we've won?

Dany Shoham, Guile, Gas, and Germs: Syria's Ultimate Weapons
They built them on the sly, with help from the West

Efraim Karsh, The Unbearable Lightness of My Critics
"New historians" and old Arabists just don't get it


Council on Foreign Relations, "Improving U.S. Public Diplomacy"
Why do they hate us? Read this


Daniel Pipes, Brief Reviews
American Jihad ... Egyptian economics ... Arabian Hashemites


Martin Kramer, Arabic Panic
A stocking stuffer for Middle Eastern studies


"Libya, China, Syria Grind Axis"
Two's company, three's divine

"French Judge Gives Taliban Win"
And be a good sport about it