Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
Jointly published by the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon and the Middle East Forum
Vol. 6   No. 4

April 2004

Special Report:
The Kurdish Reawakening in Syria
Syrian President Bashar Assad managed to suppress the wave of Kurdish riots that erupted in mid-March, but the young dictator was deeply unsettled by his country's worst outbreak of ethno-sectarian violence in two decades.
Gary C. Gambill
The Fattoush Phenomenon
A little-noted incident during Lebanon's parliamentary budget debate speaks volumes about the country's political morass.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
Dangerous Liaisons: Hamas after the Assassination of Yassin
Israel's assassination of Ahmed Yassin struck a major blow against the most lethal Palestinian terrorist group, but left a power vacuum in the Gaza branch of Hamas that is likely to be exploited by Hezbollah and its Iranian and Syrian sponsors.
Aaron Mannes
Iran, Sadr, and the Shiite Uprising in Iraq
While there is no question that the Iranians have provided substantial military and economic aid to Moqtada al-Sadr, their intentions in so doing are not clear.
Gary C. Gambill
Can the Coalition Block Terrorist Infiltration from Syria?
Following the repeated failure of diplomatic efforts to persuade Syria to halt the infiltration of foreign militants into Iraq, the US-led coalition is implementing a more aggressive and proactive plan to shut down the terrorists' Syrian lifeline.
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